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Blog Hop: A Day In the Life of an Influencer

“Influencer” is perhaps one of the hottest terms to take flight in 2017. This week’s blog hop is dedicated to you, the influencer. What an influencer does in the course of a day is interesting, challenging, unique to the individual, and often misunderstood by friends and family of said influencer.

The next time you are applying for an influencer campaign through the BlogPaws network, filling out a job application, attempting to complete your LinkedIn profile, or simply questioned by others as to “what exactly an influencer does,” this post is your one-stop catch-all for all of the aforementioned.

Online influencer tasks

What is an Influencer?

“To better understand influencer marketing, it is important to start from the beginning,” writes Felissa Elfeinbein, Director of Influencer Marketing for BlogPaws. “We need to take a look at what influencer marketing really is.”

You can read all about influencer marketing here.

Typical Tasks of an Influencer

Now that we know what being an influencer is, there are a multitude of tasks that encompass the day of anyone involved in this space, including, but not limited to:

Content Creation

  • Writing blog posts and social media content across platforms
  • Capturing and editing photos
  • Recording live video and podcasts, short snippets, etc
  • Repurpose content across social media platforms



  • Building influence before attempting to monetizing to create loyal followers and content with engagement
  • Planning what to monetize and how: Here’s a helpful monetization as an online influencer post
  • Researching your target audience so you know how to target them in order to eventually make money
  • Affiliate marketing research
  • Learning how to make money blogging < === Click to learn how to do it!

Fast Fact: While there are hundreds businesses and networks willing to pay you to connect with your audience, not every one is the right fit for you. They are looking for influencers who can spread the word about their products or services and help them reach prospective clients, so your influence and authority is a valuable commodity. Nurture it well.

Monitoring ROI and Analytics

  • Setting measurable goals for each social media channel and blog
  • Interpreting analytics to optimize strategy

Staying Current

  • Training and educating to keep current on the latest in social media
  • Channel and trend updates
  • Stay atop breaking news in your niche/industry.
  • Hashtag selection, research, and application PLUS engaging with that hashtag and its content on social media

Monitoring and Responding

  • Share groups
  • Responding to comments across social and blog
  • Engaging on other blogs and social posts
  • Becoming a thought leader on platforms like LinkedIn
  • Group monitoring on Facebook if groups are on the table
  • Setting up key words alerts in your niche or industry to stay on top of new developments.


  • Content marketing
  • Engaging with others online and putting the ‘social’ in social media
  • Sales
  • Public relations

Traveling and Engaging

  • Attending conferences to learn in person, like BlogPaws 2018 Kansas City, Missouri
  • Expos, fairs, trade shows, in person meetups, networking
  • Live tweeting
  • Sharing real life photos and videos on social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat
  • Influencers need to do more than just build their own online empire. They need to continually reach outside their current sphere of influence to build new connections in their niche and beyond.

Bonus Influencer Tip

How Do You Become An Influencer? 12 Power Players Share Their Social Media Strategies – thanks to Forbes for this. Remember, this does not happen overnight and not without a plan.  The above is not an all encompassing list, but a nice start to the true understanding of a day in the life of an online influencer. There are many of us who can attest that one of the above tasks, such as blog post writing and development, can end up taking a week or more from start to finish.

Yes, you are worth it, online influencers. Yes, you deserve to be paid in money and not treats. Yes, your time is valuable, and you are worth it.

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