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BlogPaws Weekend Edition: The World of Pet Blogging

Weekinreviewby: Carol Bryant

Every weekend, BlogPaws serves up a healthy dose of the week that was, and oh did we have a very busy week on BlogPaws.

If you are like us, we have so many things to do in the course of a hectic Monday to Friday week, that we love the weekends to catch up and see if we missed anything. We're taking the work out of "work week" and ending your weekend with a bang: Here's all the news in BlogPaws land that you missed this first week of October, 2013:

Adopt-a-Pet Month

BlogPaws is ushering in October by celebrating Adopt a Pet month.  We
encourage everyone to spread the word about adoptable pets in your area,
including the pets featured on our Facebook Cover Photo.

Also give a peek to a few contests we have running right now in the BlogPaws Community, with prizes being given away!


A) PHOTO CONTEST FOR PRIZES: It's trick or treat time, so show us your pet Halloween photos in this month's community photo contest.

B) Enter to win a free trip to BlogPaws valued at $1,200. Details here and get entered today before it's too late: You can enter once a day until October 9, so don't delay!

Forbes Magazine

BlogPaws has been a part of Pet360 for almost a year now. #BlogPaws
is going to be launching a new site soon and planning the most
fantastic conference yet! It's really an honor to be a part of a growing
company with a unique approach to the business world and focus on pets.
Read this. It will give you a better idea of what Pet360 really is.
Thanks to ALL BlogPaws community members, bloggers, and microbloggers!! Pet360 in Forbes magazine

International Pet Blogger Month

Winners of the #BlogPaws
International Pet Blogger Month photo contest have been selected.
Congrats to all! Enter our October contest, too! Trick or treat time! http://community.blogpaws.com/photo/albums/october-2013-blogpaws-photo-contest

An Interest in Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? Here's where you can connect with other pet bloggers on Pinterest.

How to Tweet for the Pet Blogger

If you've never tweeted or if you rarely tweet you may be wondering why
you should and maybe even more importantly how to get started. We have you covered in Twitter land.

Tell Us Your Blog URL

One of the most common questions I am asked is, "What other blogs can I
" so this discussion will be a permanent house for us to list the
blog(s) we manage.

Prepare Your Blog for the Next Three Months

With less than 90 days left to a new year, these next few months are
some of the busiest (and most profitable and traffic driving) times of the
year. Your readers look to pet bloggers to help guide them through the holidays
but also as a source of inspiration, for shopping tips, to connect them to
places to go and things to see, and as a credible source of information. Here are preparation how-to's and what to do's!

Blog Hop 101

We get questions galore from folks who want to grow their blog, gain more followers, and get traffic: All of these take time and nurturing. However, you can get a jump start with the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Here's a video tutorial to walk you through!


Don't forget to join us THIS Tuesday, 10/08 for #BlogPawsChat from 8 to 10 pm EST.

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  1. Another way to spread the word about adoptable pets in your area is by joining the Tuesday’s Tails blog hop. The blog hop was created to help spread the word about adoptable pets. You can link up all week each week. You can find it at http://dogsnpawz.com

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