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Looking For A Pet? Consider Adoption

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

BP_OCTOBER_TRANSDid you know that if you're looking to fill your home with the love of a pet that you can adopt just about any pet from a shelter? From birds to guinea pigs to reptiles to puppies, kittens and older pets.

While shelters may have only catered to dogs and cats in the past, it appears they are now opening their doors to any and all pets that are being abandoned, lost their homes, or for myriad other reasons. 

As we celebrate October as Adopt a Pet Month, here are seven reasons you should adopt:

  1. Pets offer unconditional love. Unlike human children, pets don't go through the terrible twos or the teenage years when they believe they know everything and you know nothing and they never ask to borrow money or the car! 

  • Pets bark in happy delight when you come home from the grocery store even if you bought the wrong kind of ice cream. They're just happy you're home. 
  • With a pet every day is a new adventure. They embrace life and look at each meal or treat you feed them as being the best one they've had all day. Even if you burn a meal and offer them table scraps they're happy. 
  • Owning a pet will mean you will need to get up and get more exercise. Dogs need walking and because of that you just might become healthier. 
  • Life is stressful. Watching fish swim around in a tank or your baby bearded dragon try to climb a
    IMG_0984 (2) log while petting your dog or cat lowers your blood pressure. Snuggling up on the couch with a pet on your lap is the best stress reliever I can imagine. 
  • Teaching your newly adopted bird to talk is fun and challenging. Imagine coming home and being greeted by a "hello" from your feathered friend. 
  • Guinea pigs and other furry rodents get excited when their parents walk into the room. Have you ever heard the happy squeals of a guinea pig? I have owned several and it is incredible when they see you and are just as thrilled with your presence as your dog might be. 
  • While this may seem a tongue in cheek post, there is nothing I am more serious about than pet adoption. Our home is filled with seven pets (one dog and four cats that were adopted from shelters) and they have filled the house and our hearts with love from day one. 

    We'd love to see pictures of your adopted pets and hear your adoiption stories. 


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    1. Such a great and informative post. This will really help dog owners. Adopting animals can help to lessen animals in the street. Keep posting.

    2. Love that you are mentioning guinea pigs! Whee feel they are often forgotten but there are plenty out there look for furever homes too!
      Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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