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  • How-To Tips for Using Images on Your Blog

    putting images on your blog

    You’ve heard the phrase: “cash is king.” Well, now content is king. The internet is a visual world, and if you’re not making the most out of your blog images, you could be missing out on readers and endless opportunity. Even if you have spent hours… read more


  • Blog Hop: Taking Photos of Pets Is Like Photographing Rock Stars

    How Photographing Pets Is Like Photographing Rock Stars… and How It Isn’t By Summer and Janiss Many of you know that my human started off as a rock journalist in the 1980s and 1990s. Most of you don’t know she began as a rock photographer, even… read more

  • 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Camera

    using camera for blog photos

    After months and months, and possibly years of hard work, the countless bag of treats to bribe your furkids with and many late nights of creative writing, you’ve finally created a blog and social media platform that reaches thousands of readers and viewers in the pet… read more


  • Step-By-Step Guide to Making Infographics

    how-to make an infographic

    Infographics have been used in the corporate sector for quite some time, but they are just as useful for digital marketers.  In this step-by-step guide to making infographics, you’ll not only learn why they are so important but also how to turn this one design asset… read more


  • Blog Hop: How to Improve Your Photography of Your Pets

    taking photo of pet

    How to Improve Your Photography of Your Pets By Jessica Shipman I’ve always been passionate about photography. Growing up I attended every single event with a disposable camera in tow. I just loved being able to capture funny or special moments and enjoy them just as… read more


  • Creating Blog Photos That Are Shareable

    best blog photos

    Blog photos are a great tool to use when creating content for both your blog and social media. They not only provide a visual element to your blog post, but they also can provide an opportunity for more shares. But what are ways to enhance your… read more


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