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BlogPaws is a Pet Business Education Company focused on teaching pet professionals the ins and outs of growing an online business through the creation of high quality content to reach more pet parents and create happier pets. We welcome all small business pet professionals to our free BlogPaws Community Facebook group to network, discuss, and learn.

Founded in 2009 by three dedicated pet lovers and bloggers, BlogPaws grew out of the need for a focus on excellence in blogging and a devotion to helping pets in need.

By 2014, BlogPaws became the go-to digital marketing resource for pet bloggers, pet influencers, small businesses in the pet industry, and pet experts around the world. We continue to focus our attention on providing education, being a trusted resource for pet professionals, and collaborating with pet professionals for the benefit of pet lovers everywhere. 

After a short hiatus, BlogPaws returns and continues its mission to provide education for professionals in the pet industry and to be the go-to resource for business growth by adding the PetBiz Collaborative (formerly known as the All Pet Collaborative), a pet professional membership community, to its suite of resources and services for small business owners.

For a full history of BlogPaws’ journey, see our BlogPaws history page.

Starting in April 2022, following the acquisition of former sister brand, All Pet Voices, Chloe DiVita and Jessica Shipman refocus on the growth of BlogPaws and the PetBiz Collaborative. As part of this newfound emphasis to provide increased education and support for pet industry professionals, the BlogPaws team has been excitedly expanded.

The new iteration of BlogPaws brings new branding and new offerings. Follow our journey as we add new services and educational content, as well as expand the deeper education we provide in the PetBiz Collaborative.

With a combined 43+ years in the pet industry and digital marketing, we understand both how to engage with pet parents, appease algorithms, and help pet parents find solutions through your content.

Your time is valuable. Whether you are a pet professional or a pet brand, we can help you do what you do best.

Email collaborate@blogpaws.com and ask us how.

The BlogPaws Team

Chloe DiVita


Hi there. I’m Chloe (rhymes with Joe, not Joey). I’ve always been someone who sees the potential in others, even when they don’t see it themselves.

At 23, I started my first company without a college degree or any clue, but I learned by doing. I graduated Magna Cum Laude at 28 and went on to start several other businesses, including BlogPaws. My passions, personally and professionally, blend purrfectly as CEO of BlogPaws and a leader of the PetBiz Collaborative. 

Everything to do with running an online business I also learned by doing. I’ve helped hundreds of pet-focused small businesses grow their online presence. Whenever there are obstacles, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. Plus, I can help you overcome those obstacles. 

Public speaking is another passion of mine that I got to embrace each year at the BlogPaws conferences. I even studied it to become a Speaker Coach. I’ve been Executive Producer for TEDxCambridge, a Performance Coach for Heroic Public Speaking, and I still coach speakers, leaders, and executives in creating transformational talks.

Jessica Shipman


Hey, I’m Jessica! I’m an Entrepreneur at heart who’s been active in the pet industry as a business owner and content creator for 11+ years. Like many of you, I enjoy wearing many different hats. My specialties involve everything from digital marketing to project management, photography to web development, and SEO to mastermind facilitation.

I’ve always been passionate about making connections, bridging gaps, growing community, and encouraging collaboration. Each of these things have been an important focus of the businesses that I have created, grown, and even sold. That and creating quality content on a search friendly and optimized website. The first site I created in the pet industry, Beagles & Bargains, still brings in regular traffic (without much new content), thanks to SEO. 

As CMO of BlogPaws, I get the pleasure of empowering small pet businesses to create amazing SEO-focused content to reach more pet people, and to continue to help pets – and that brings all my passions together.

Britt Kascjak

Director of Content & SEO

Hi, Britt here. I have long had a love for the world of content marketing. Over the past 15+ years, I’ve worked as a freelance writer and content creator in several industries including outdoor travel, small business marketing, and, of course, pets! 

In addition to writing high-quality content for other sites, I maintain a portfolio of 7 websites, 3 of which are in the pet industry: Shed Happens, The Kas Pack, and Lucifer the Rescue Pup. I also run a Facebook group of over 15K members dedicated to outdoor travel with pets in the province of Ontario. Ask me how I grew my newest website quickly with SEO-focused content!

As the Director of Content & SEO with BlogPaws, I recently started to expand my content creation into the world of video (with a little nudging from Chloe) both in short form video on social and the launch of a YouTube channel. 

Christy Castillo

Director of Brand & Creative

Hi, I’m Christy! I’ve worked in the pet industry for 7+ years as a freelance video editor, cinematographer, and graphic designer. Brand guidelines are my happy place and I’m most in my element when my work involves dogs.  

As the Director of Brand & Creative at BlogPaws you can find me behind the scenes designing, creating, and herding cats (making sure everyone stays on brand). I have a soft spot for hounds (specifically beagles) and a special interest in how dogs see the world and communicate with their people. You can follow my adventures on Instagram @hounds.around.

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