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The BlogPaws Community is a free, inclusive group of content creators, bloggers, and small business owners in the pet industry looking to network, learn, and grow together. As a member of this community, you’ll find:

  • A network full of like-minded pet people
  • Educational resources for growing your pet business
  • Opportunities to share updates about your business

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About the BlogPaws Community

The BlogPaws Community launched in 2010 with a conference for pet bloggers who wanted to grow their businesses and give back to the pet community. While we no longer host annual conferences – the last event was in 2018 – we do engage our inclusive global community of 1k+ small pet business owners with a FREE BlogPaws Community Facebook group.

Bloggers, influences, and other pet industry professionals looking to learn, network, and support other active members of the pet industry are invited to join us. Members are encouraged to ask questions, discuss industry happenings, and share news that pertains to running a small business in the pet space.

For a full history of BlogPaws’ journey, see our BlogPaws history page.

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