A Tribute To A Star: @CokieTheCat

Anipal Academy Awards

Photo credit: Anipal Academy Awards

I met Cokie for the first time by working with him on Twitter through the Anipal Academy Awards. He presented the photo and video awards, and he rocked it. He was full of energy, quick with humor, and he wore pants. Somehow those pants made him really cool. It was months of working with Cokie before I accepted the fact that I was really talking to his Mom and it was ok to call her Kristin.

Kristin told Cokie’s life stories from his Gotcha Day, to his tree incident, to his preference to sleeping in the bath tub, to his pants, to his talking, to his midnight walks around her home. His plush self was always in tow and although the fluffy Cokie stand-in is the only Cokie I’ve ever truly met, I feel like I’ve snuggled with him many times. Kristin possess the ability to bring Cokie’s personality alive through phone calls and stories. Together Cokie and his family supported so many causes over the years. They donated money, time, energy, created friendships and always took time to support the anipal community. They are treasures.


Kristin Cokie and David

Kristin, Plush Cokie and David Frei: The BlogPaws 2013 Conference

Cokie’s journey to the Rainbow Bridge was shared on Facebook, and while I had just moments before read an email that his breath was labored and there was worry, I sat shocked and heart broken when I saw this post. If that is how I felt, I can’t even begin to fathom was Kristin and Cokie’s Dad were feeling…what they are still feeling. You can read Kristin’s post on Cokie’s blog for a glimpse into their pain, but there are no words that accurately describe heartbreak.


Cokie & Pepi

Cokie & Pepi – Photo Credit @PepiSmartDog

On the night of October 1st, Cokie was guided to the Rainbow Bridge by his best pal, @PepiSmartDog, while many of us followed along on Twitter through leaky eyes. Cokie is with so many pals now; I can’t even begin to name the entourage that greeted him. That offers some comfort, but nothing dulls the pain of losing a best friend. A confidant. A snuggle buddy. A piece of your heart.

One way to share our love for Cokie and to show his parents just how many pals are thinking of him, is to light a candle for him. Please take a moment and light a candle for Cokie and his family. These virtual candles will burn for 36 hours. Be sure to use the group code: CTC – for Cokie The Cat.

Last, I like to share this quote because the last line really says it all:

“What we have once enjoyed
    we can never lose.
All that we love deeply
    becomes a part of us.”        ~ Helen Keller

Cokie will forever be a part of all of us, and in Kristin’s and Cokie’s Dad’s hearts his spirit will reside until they all meet again… 


By Chloe DiVita on behalf of the whole BlogPaws Team

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  1. Forever I will think of Cokie with love, kindness, and knowing his mom, I know she will carry his message and legacy forever. Having walked this road, I know how emotionally altering it is – and will remain. I share in your heartbreak, my friend, and I will think of you with hugs, prayers and love. Our deepest condolences from Carol, Darlene, and Dexter Bryant.

  2. Cokie was a trailblazer. A legendary cat that us new bloggers have followed, admired and learned from in finding our own voice to blog about cats.
    We will never forget you Cokie!
    Much love,

  3. Thank you Cokie for wearing the pants in the family, so many guys can’t do that. My brothers would have never taken their affliction as well as you do…SWEETIE, oldest of Purl’s Crew and most brazen!
    Also known as BOO,BOO, UnChat or we won’t mention our mom’s name. May you live the next part of your life in the arms of St. Francis with a bird just out of reach in the palm of his hand, but you will never know hunger. Thanks for fundraising for other dogs and cats. I always thought we were really talking to COKIE. Signed Sweetie.

  4. Hugs and prayers for Cokie and family. I feel privileged to have “met” him (plush stunt double). He will always be an hero in the anipal community.

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