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May Blog Prompts #blogging

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

April showers brings (or has brought!) May flowers and along with that comes not only the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville, (24 days and counting!), but the month brings with it a new crop of blogging tips which will hopefully inspire your creativity.

The more quickly you get your blogging tasks done, the more quickly you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine so without further ado, here are your May blog prompts:

  1. It’s National Chip Your Pet Month. Blog about whether your pet is chipped, if not, why not.
  2. It’s also Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Read this post from Pet360 that outlines some of the signs to look for if you’re concerned your pet may be ill.
  3. Because it’s Service Dog Eye Examination Month you may want to write about your pet’s eye health and whether he or she has had an eye exam. If you have a service dog, blog about the importance of his or her
  4. May 3 to the 9th is National Pet Week.prompts
  5. Because we love hugging our cats so much there is a Hug Your Cat day on May 3 and May 31! Great times for a photo blog post of you… well, hugging your cat!
  6. May 5 is National Ferret Day. If you own ferrets write a blog about them and what makes them an ideal pet.  If you don’t own a ferret but are intrigued by them, interview a ferret owner.
  7. May 10 is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. Write a blog post about the measures you have in place in the event of a disaster in your area. Do you have “go bags” for your all members of your family — including your pets? If you don’t have a plan in place, now is the ideal time to make one.
  8. May 23 is World Turtle Day. Blog about turtles.
  9. May 28 to the 30th is the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville, TN. Blog about your preparations for the conference. Blog about what you will blog about during and after the conference.
  10. Write about what would happen if you went outside your comfort zone.
  11. Write a getting-to-know-you questionnaire and use it when you meeting people at the BlogPaws (or any) conference.
  12. Blog about the cutest trick your pet does.
  13. Write about the hardest decision you ever had to make.
  14. Write about the happiest day of your life.
  15. Write about what your ideal career looks like.
  16. Share with your readers, “a day in your life.”
  17. Blog a list of your pet peeves.
  18. Blog a list of your gratitudes.
  19. Write a piece of fiction that includes your pets. Make them superheroes! Let your imagination run wild.
  20. Take a random photo of your pets then blog about what he or she, or they, are thinking in that exact moment.
  21. Write about what, or who, inspires you.
  22. Write a letter to someone who has been irking you, but don’t send it. The mere fact of having written it will take away the power of being irked.blogpaws
  23. Write a wish list of all you want to accomplish on your blog or in your blog business and then work toward making it happen. If you have items on the list that you think others can help you with, reach out and ask them!
  24. Write a blog post that include these words: dog bowl, kitten whiskers and bananas.
  25. Write a blog post that includes these words: family vacation, ice cream and tricycle.
  26. Write a “brag” blog post. Tell the world about some amazing accomplishment you achieved and share it so you get the kudos you deserve!
  27. Been there, done that. Write about lessons learned.
  28. Kick off your own A-Z or 1-10 (day) blogger challenge. Get a few blogger friends and have them join you. Make a pact to blog every day during the blogger challenge AND to comment on the posts of everyone involved. Great way to find an accountability partner AND grow the views on your blog.
  29. Share your favorite recipe — whether it’s for pets or humans. Write it on your blog, then photo essay it.
  30. Write a “what I want to do on summer vacation” post.
  31. Write down a proposed title for a book you should be writing. Blog about that book and perhaps you will be inspired to write it!

See you in June for another month’s worth of blog ideas. Let us know if anything sparks a post!

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