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Be A ‘Specific’ Blogger

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture3As a full-time writer I am often asked, "Is it better to be a specialist or a generalist." My brilliant answer? It depends. I know that doesn't quite help, but for some people, choosing to write in one field or with one specific focus is frankly, boring. For others, the specificity is where they thrive. You need to know your own writing style before you commit. If you are unclear then sample both the generalist and the specialist writing paths. Regardless of which blogging path you travel, remember to put as much emphasis on writing your headlines as you do in writing your content: SEO counts.

Here, though are five ways in which specificity can enhance your blogging career, gain you followers, and make writing your weekly posts even easier to compose:

  1.  Make your point within the first few lines. Attention spans are shrinking so you need to grab the reader’s attention immediately. Be creative, engaging and let the reader know what the article will include and make them come alone for the ride.
  2. Be specific. If your headline reads, “Top 10 Twitter Tips,” make certain the article stays on point. Don’t meander into Facebook or LinkedIn status how-tos. Your readers came for Twitter, they will leave if you don’t stay on target.
  3. In addition to being specific, be useful. Provide information they can use, examples that have either worked or failed, and offer them action steps.
  4. Enhance your credibility through being specific. If you are known as the go-to person for all things Poodle that’s better than being known as the person who writes about kittens, puppies in general and pet-friendly hotels. Consider if a journalist was looking for a source for a story, would they come to you or go to your more-specific competitor?
  5. Write for the internet. Blogging is vastly different than writing for a newspaper or magazine; use short sentences, short paragraphs, active verbs.

Regardless of whether you’re going to be a specialist or a generalist, there is no substitute for amazing copy. Be powerful and compelling and watch your following groww.

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