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Blog Hop: Pay to Play on Facebook

“Do I really need to pay to get more followers, engagement, or traffic on Facebook?”

In an era dubbed “pay to play,” this blog hop is dedicated to tips on paying for ‘something’ on Facebook in order to meet your pre-defined goals. A solid social strategy is a key cornerstone of successful social media marketing plan.

How to advertise on Facebook


Everyone’s favorite friend and foe: Facebook. Using a little research, trial and error, and a small amount of money, garnering engagement on a Facebook ad can prove very successful. Note that this is not a paid boost, but actually a paid ad. You create content, have a specific audience in mind, and you gear your ad’s specs towards that end goal.

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These days, most Facebook content is not being seen. You could have a million followers on Facebook and maybe one or two percent of those people are seeing the content. It all has to do with Facebook’s algorithm and the fact that the social media landscape is a crowded one.

What About Facebook Boosting?

You can experiment with this with a small budget, even under $10, IF you have a reason for doing so.

There are three actions a boost allows:

  1. People who LIKE your page: Use this to actually get your current fans to see your content. The number of people who will be reached by your boost will be displayed in the boost screen.
  2. People who like your page and their friends: If the friends of your fans are not into your content, you risk wasting money trying to get in front of them. Then again, if your friends have friends who are into your content (for example, dogs, cats, etc), then this strategy might work.
  3. People you choose through targeting: This opens up a menu with more options, which you will see if you experiment on the boost.

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Driving Blog Traffic with Facebook

On the day of the post, create an appropriately-sized image for Facebook. Never make a blog post one-and-done when using Facebook, either. You need to promote, repeat, promote and using a social media scheduler can help accomplish this.

Gauge the traction of your boost and re-post it when your audience is online and active. This information can be gleaned from Facebook analytics.

Use video on Facebook to send traffic to your blog.  Here are Advanced Video Tips to Get Blog and Social Media Traffic.

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s why one pro says you need to consider Facebook advertising.

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