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Write, write, write

Chester-my-bed We recommend updating your blog at least 3 times a week, or more. Ideally, you would have a new blog post every day. Some bloggers update their blogs more than once a day. The more you update, the better your content, the more you will achieve your goals, whatever those may be.

Here are some ideas from around the net on how to blog every day:

From Chris Brogan

1. Read, read, read. Look for content out of your comfort zone.

2. Tap into these 27 Blogging Secrets – such as, be useful, use H3 tags (title tags), read other people's stuff.

Liz Strauss shares reasons to write every day – (advice from 2006 that still applies today)

1. It helps you develop your voice to become natural, strong and confident. People want to read experts, and even beginner bloggers are expert in something.

2. Daily writing helps "craft remarkable prose" that your readers will be eager to share. Learn from your favorite bloggers – the ones you read every day.

And from Outspoken Media, really great advice on what to write –

1. Keep your end goal in mind. WHY are you writing the post? Who is it for? My-alligator

2. Stay focused. "Write only what matters." Don't ramble. Stay on topic. Tell me what I need to know and then tell me why.

And from me – use your eyes. Look at pictures and video and create something unique, funny, tragic, or otherwise shareable from the images you see. What do they say to you? What does this image, of our Olive gnawing her alligator, make you think of? Does it remind you of something your pets do…that is worth sharing? There's tomorrow's blog post.

Video and pictures are powerful tools and if you use them effectively and consistently, they will help your blog be all that it can be. And more.

What ideas do YOU have about how to be consistent in your blog writing in order to blog every day? Share in our comments section.


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  1. I am all for posting a minimum of 3 days per week.
    Lately I have been posting every day but I am not normally an advocate of that.
    One suggestion I vehemently disagree with are those who post a minimum of 3 blog posts per day. In my humble, honest opinion that is OVERKILL, annoying and I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of people (if they are being honest) delete the emails when they see more than one blog post or only read the first one on the list.

  2. I am turned off by meaningless sites and blog posts. Whenever I come across a site that offers low quality content, I unsubscribe should I ever have subscribed to it in the first place. There is too little time and there are too many choices not to be picky. Low value content is easy to make and too abundant, time isn’t; so, my advice is to make it meaningful and less frequent, than frequent and meaningless.

  3. In my opinion, the frequency should be based on what the goal/purpose of the blog is. The old adage to “write, write, write” is great for writers looking to hone their craft and become a better writer, but you don’t publish everything you write using that exercise. You write, write, write, to develop a voice and style. If people feel a pressure to post often, the quality of the post may suffer. My advice is to first determine what the purpose is in blogging, then take a look at what kind of time is available to commit to blogging. For some, that may be daily; for others, maybe a few times a week – or month. Blog post length: another important tip to good writing is to write, then edit, edit, edit to remove the unnecessary text that can lose the reader. Post frequency definitely has great advantages such as helping to increase blog traffic. But I think defining the goal/purpose of the blog and the available time to commit to publishing blog posts are key points to consider.

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