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10 Hot Pet Bloggers Worth Reading

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Pet bloggers are a force with which to be reckoned. From pet parenting tips to cold weather indoor games and a whole host of health and wellness-related posts, pet blogs are arsenals of information. With the holiday rush behind us and the prospects of all that a new year brings, BlogPaws shines a spotlight on some posts that have gone above and beyond and are worth checking out.

Home Cooking for Your Dog

Many pet parents have taken to cooking meals for their dogs, but there are some caveats to note before embarking on this. Pet blogger, Maggie Marton, of Oh My Dog blog shares a precautionary tale and what to keep in mind when making meals for pets at home: Home Cooking for Your Dog? Don’t Make this Mistake.

Keeping Pets Warm in the Winter

 Two Little Cavaliers  is hosting a Keeping Pets Warm Event blog hop. They wanted to know how folks keep pets warm in the winter. The famous Carma Poodale shares her tips on how pets keep warm here: Carma Poodale on Wintertime Warmth and Pets.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Sometimes it is a picture that says it all, and when MyGBGVLife takes to the camera, the results are outstanding. Check out Emma in her finest joyful moments here: My GBGVLife.


Get Well Soon

What happens when a human gets sick? Well, the cats take to Instagram to showcase their efforts in making her better. This one you’ve got to see to believe: Sparkle Cat on The Instagram My Human is Sick Edition.

SuperBowl Fun with #TeamDog and #TeamCat

Around the blogosphere, the buzz is on the Lucy Foundation and the Kitten Bowl. BlogPaws Ambassador, Barking from the Bayou’s Melissa Clinton, dishes the scoop on how to get involved and cheer on your favorite: Dogs or cats?! Barking from the Bayou Goes Kitten Bowl.

Gone to the Beach

Rocco of “To Dog With Love” and his mom, Diane Silver, enlighten with this pet-friendly fun post about Fort Lauderdale and dog beach safety. For those of us in the wintery season, the sun sure sounds good right about now: Beaches and To Dog With Love.

Ever Wonder Why Spay and Neuter Costs So Much?

It’s important to remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”.   Dr. Anna Coffin recommends asking 8 questions when price shopping for spay and neuter costs.  Guthrie Pet Hospital Spay and Neuter Details.


Great Loss, Great Adventure

You Did What With Your Weiner blogger, Jessica Rhae, shares a delightful review and recount of the book, Wild, in this introspective blog post worth checking out: YDWWYW

Lift the Ferret Ban!

New York City’s Board of Health is going to have a hearing on January 21, 2014 with regards to lifting the ban on owning ferrets in NYC and Enlightened Ferret has the scoop.

Educating and Dispelling Pit Bull Myths

Dog discrimination  stinks: Plain and simple. The folks at #TheMajorityProject are sharing a very important new message, and our friends at Tripawds share the news here.

Got a blog post you want considered for our next round of “10 Hot Pet Bloggers”? All BlogPaws Community members are eligible, and feel free to drop me a line at carol@blogpaws.com with your link. Just put “hot pet blogger” in the subject line.


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