Steve Jobs – A Life Well Lived

It seems to me that we folks in the pet community owe Steve Jobs a great deal. We in the pet community would Steve-jobs still be small, individual groups meeting in cafes or each other's houses, instead of a growing community online and off – if Steve Jobs had not shared his life, his innovations, and his passion with the world. Did he not inspire many of us to be more than we are, more than we thought we could be, and certainly, more connected for a higher purpose?

 Many, many bloggers are sharing their thoughts of how this amazing human being challenged them and changed the way they do things. If you have a post to share, please add it in our comments. We give thanks to Steve Jobs for giving us this opportunity to be a community of pet bloggers from all over the world – and in celebrating the life he lived, I thought I'd share this poem (as you know, I like poetry) – see if it resonates with you, as it does with me, when musing a bit on a life well lived:

Hold Fast Your Dreams

Hold fast your dreams!
Within your heart
Keep one still, secret spot
Where dreams may go,
And, sheltered so,
May thrive and grwo
Where doubt and fear are not.
O keep a place apart,
Within your heart
For little dreams to go!

Think still of lovely things that are not true.
Let wish and magic work at will in you.
Be sometimes blind to sorrow. Make believe!
Forget the calm that lies
In disillusioned eyes.
Though we all know that we must die,
Yet you and I
May walk like gods and be
Even now at home in immortality.

We see so many ugly things–
Deceits and wrongs and quarrelings;
We know, alas! we know
How quickly fade
The color in the west,
The bloom upon the flower,
The bloom upon the breast
And youth's blind hour.
Yet keep within your heart
A place apart
Where little dreams may go,
May thrive and grow.
Hold fast-hold fast your dreams!

~ Louise Driscoll

image from Jonathan Mak Long as seen on Facebook

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