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Is It Tuesday Yet?

Happy Tuesday

Post by BlogPaws CEO, Yvonne DiVita

It’s a Tuesday, as I write this post. I often wonder where Tuesday fits in the work week expectations. We all hate Mondays. Mondays are a cruel step-parent shouting at you to get your chores done!

Wednesdays are over the hump day. You see the light at the end of the tunnel on Wednesday. Yay! I hear the cheers already.

Thursdays are a taste of the weekend. On Thursday, you anticipate Friday… which means Saturday is SOOooo close! Who doesn’t love Thursdays?

And the weekend, well, we don’t have to say anything about how we all LOVE the weekend! Do we?

That leaves Tuesday as the … what – the poor sister left behind with the annoying clatter of Monday? I don’t know. I can’t fit Tuesday in anywhere. On Tuesday, we aren’t yet over Monday, so we don’t anticipate it the way we are so, so, so ready for Wednesday. Tuesday doesn’t accomplish anything substantial… It’s like a pause…where there isn’t one needed.

The only good thing about Tuesday is the Twitter chat we have at BlogPaws. I don’t think we chose Tuesday because of …well, Tuesday being left out of the other experiences we have each day of the week. I think Tuesday chats just happened.

I could, of course, say we DID plan it that way. I could say we saw the way Tuesday doesn’t get “no respect,” to mimic a famous comedian, and we decided to give everyone a reason to love Tuesday, but I’d be lying. And, have I ever lied to you before? No, I have not. I am not good at lying. It makes me grimace and right away people know.

Chats are important to us. Chats do more than bring prizes, create conversations and share content…they develop relationships. They open our eyes to new ideas, new brands, new products and new people. I love that about them. I love the chatter that goes on during chats. I love how each person welcomes the others, and how some of us are all excited because someone we haven’t seen in a long time shows up. I love how brands are surprised by the engagement and the actual fun.

Tuesday chats with Emily

Let’s not forget all the GREAT photography. Oh my goodness, if I could only take pictures like that! Every Tuesday evening (night for those on the East coast), people share the best pictures of their pets! If it’s Halloween, we see pets in costume. If it’s Christmas, we see Santa Claus. If it’s Valentine’s Day, oh my! the hearts and flowers abound! There is a lot of joy involved in sharing pictures of your pets… those amazing animals who live in your world and make that world better… being able to show them off during a BlogPaws Chat is merely one of the ways we get to be silly and happy and loud and boisterous and crazy, with each other.

I’ll have my glass of wine, my laptop and my pups on the bed with me during tonight’s chat, just as I do every Tuesday. Emily will give Tom her saddest look because having the laptop means no cuddling until chat is over, and Olive will sit and give me the evil eye…oh, not because of the cuddling part. No, indeed. She gives me the evil eye because she thinks it’s MY fault Emily can’t cuddle with Tom. I know my place in the pecking order!

You’re reading this on Friday, so if you weren’t on Tuesday’s chat, I feel sorry for you. This week was (is) Senior pets. Is there a better topic to have a chat about, I ask you? Seniors tug at my heartstrings way more than any other pet. I dote on them!

You can make up for it, if you missed out. You can set your clock or phone or web calendar to alert you to next week’s Chat… at 8-10 PM ET. Watch the social channels for what the topic is and if there will be prizes. Oh, just know that we do NOT do a chat on the third Tuesday. We take that Tuesday off.

I promise, if you make it to our Tuesday night chat, you will no longer wonder what Tuesday is for. Ask not for whom the Tuesday tweeters tweet…they tweet for you! See you on Twitter! @blogpaws @mypetblog

Tuesday naps during chat

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