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Blogging Productivity Tips

Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess

How many hours a day do you devote to blogging? If you work outside of the home and have a full time, or a part time job, the number of hours you have are likely limited. If you blog for more than one client or on more than one blog, you need to be thoughtful with the time you spend so you can not only get your blogging done, but have a life as well, am I right?blogging productivity tips

Here are my favorite blogging productivity tips:

  1. Write down an entire month’s worth of blog ideas in your idea notebook all at one time. The time you spend brainstorming and writing down all of the blog post ideas, with titles, that you need to write in a month will be time saved when you sit down to write your posts. You can write your blog ideas in a notebook, in your WordPress Editorial Calendar plug in or in a spreadsheet.
  2. Speaking of the WP plug in. You should have the editorial calendar plug in on your blog. It makes scheduling easier and allows you to drag and drop posts from one day to another. Having all of your blog post titles in one place on the calendar also helps you see everything that needs to be done without having to dig around for your blog ideas.
  3. Outline your blog posts before you write them. Having your blog title is a great jumping off point, but having an idea of how you will open the blog post, what “lesson” the post will offer, any bullet list or numbered list info you will include and how you will wrap it up. Hint, all of your blog posts should have a call to action included.
  4. Take it easy on yourself and simplify your blogging. How? Bring in a guest blogger. Do a blog post round up. Repurpose a blog you’d done in the past by turning it into a video or an infographic. Do a “wordless” post. Plan this type of easier-to-do post weekly if that will help you feel/be more productive.
  5. Don’t use technologies that make your work harder. I love gadgets and technology, but I admit there are some tech gadgets that I have used in the past that took me longer to learn than if I had tried to complete a task without it. If you’re hunting down technology, make sure it’s something that will make your life and your blogging easier.

What have you found, during your blogging, that makes your time spent in front of the computer more productive?

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