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Interview with Lena West from Cherry Woodburn

For those who have not yet enjoyed the benefit of a session with Lena West, this is a sneak preview. You'll quickly learn why we invited her to keynote in 2012 in Salt Lake City. For those who have had the privilege of knowing Lena from her sessions at BlogPaws, and elsewhere, this will renew your commitment to being the best you can be in social media.

Lena is the Founder of Influence Expansion (formerly xynoMedia) and Nano, the only $5/mo. social media training program (bit.ly/ry55Sp) for entrepreneurs (primarily women, but it works for everyone). Our thanks to Borderless thinking for allowing us to embed this interview and share.

This is not a short interview. It's worth every minute, however. Set aside a half hour and take notes! (I love the part about how her mother influenced her and how she has never been a follower – which part touches you the most?) Does this influence YOU to start doing video interviews?

Interview with Lena West from Cherry Woodburn on Vimeo.  

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