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September Blogging Prompts

Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess

It’s back to school time in many areas of the country. I know that in Arizona (where our 2016 BlogPaws Conference will be held), the kids went back to school months ago. As we move away from the hot, humid days of summer and into the cooler months of autumn, here are some September blogging prompts to jump start your creativity. Ready. Set. Go!alice

  1. Blog about your back to school memories when you were a child
  2. Does back to school and the changes in your household impact your pets? Blog about that. Blog about solutions to help them through the transition.
  3. Are you and your pets being bugged by bugs this year? Blog about how you address it. Do you use natural remedies? If so, let us know what they are. If you use store-bought remedies, what are they and do they work?
  4. If the temperatures are getting chilly where you live, do you do anything differently to keep your pets warm? What? Share a blog post that is a photo gallery of how your pet stays warm.
  5. What seasonal fruits and veggies do your pets enjoy? Do you cook for them? Share some recipes on your blog.
  6. September is AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month, blog about what that means to you.
  7. September is Pet Smile Month. Blog about your pet’s dental health and what you do to make certain he or she has a happy, healthy smile.
  8. September is International Pet Blogger Month. Blog about your international pet blogging friends. Don’t have one? Reach out and make one this month!
  9. The second week of September is National Dog Week. If your house is anything like mine, every DAY is national dog day! But pretend that you’re not your pet’s minion and write about how you’d celebrate this national holiday with him or her. Take pictures!
  10. September 8 is National Iguana Awareness Day. Do you own, or have you ever owned, or been intrigued by iguanas? If so, today is the day to have a post go live.
  11. Is your house a cluttered mess? Paws up if it is! Take 15 minutes a day to tackle the area that makes you the most crazy. Take a before, during and after photo. Inspire others to kick the clutter to the curb.clyde
  12. If you were going to write your memoir, what would the title be? Write the title then share a blurb. It can be serious or funny. Mine might be, “My Years As Minion To A Demanding Diva Poodle!”
  13. What did you love best about back to school? The classes? The new clothes? The school supplies? What can you do to re-ignite that love? Blog about it.
  14. What could you do today that you have always wanted to, but never did? It could be as simple as drinking your coffee black, taking a walk in a neighborhood you’ve never ventured into or sending out a query to a blog or magazine that you have always dreamed of getting published in. Blog about it and share your success!
  15. September 23 is Dogs in Politics Day. Blog about your favorite dog that has lived in the White House and why. This isn’t a political post (unless you want it to be) it’s a post about the four-legged White House occupant.
  16. Write about your favorite television reality show and what it’s taught you — good or bad. For example my favorite reality show is Naked & Afraid and while I would never go into the wilderness I have learned a lot about various food sources in the wild and ways to make fishing nets out of bamboo. Useful? Not in my regular life, but interesting nonetheless.
  17. Share your favorite quote and write about why it speaks to you.
  18. Write a blog post that centers around the word: cheap
  19. Write five things you’re dreading with the upcoming holiday season.
  20. Write five things you absolutely cannot wait for during the upcoming holiday season.
  21. Write about your best day blogging.
  22. Write about your worst day blogging.
  23. Write about the food you simply cannot live without.
  24. Write about the food that if you only had to eat that you would rather eat styrofoam or dirt instead.
  25. Write about your favorite time of the day.
  26. Write about the best day you’ve had in the past week with your pets.
  27. Share a memory about your very first pet.
  28. Make a list of the names of the pets you’ve had throughout the year and a bit of a profile about him or her. If you have too many (um, as I do!) choose five this week, five next week and so on.
  29. Write about five things you love about the state you live in.
  30. Write a blog post about the next thing you want to learn that will enhance your blogging or your life.

Share your posts with us so we can see if you’ve been inspired!

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