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  1. We saw this and thought it was great…although we would never get away with feeding Chester and Gretel the 250 calories a day suggested for small Dachshunds. They burn so much energy hiking it is already hard for me to keep weight on them.

  2. Our Labrador Retriever’s love their food so we always keep an eye on their weight. I’m always worried about potential health risks associated with obesity for myself so why not treat your pets the same way. Stetson was over 82 pounds about a year ago which was about 15 pounds above his optimal weight. He’s been on a little diet (I just cut back a bit on his food) and now he’s down to just under 70 pounds. Much better for him and I’m sure his joints and the rest of his body appreciate it as well.

  3. About Pet Obesity Chart whatever mentioned seems to me one of the one of the chief memories well worthy reading. I enjoyed this crucial content. Thanks!

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