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Who Let The Dogs Out – New Season Premier is 2/1/13!

Who let the dogs out? No, seriously. Who did? It's actually something we say a lot around the BlogPaws office, especially now that our office is in the basement. Since the dogs have us trained, we often find ourselves looking around at each other when we hear them barking outside. We're so trained not one of us remembers if we were the ones who did it, but someone let the dogs out!

Today we are really excited to watch the premier episode of the new season of Who Let The Dogs Out on the Hallmark Channel. The season launches with a focus on military working dogs. We'll get to see Tillman's boot camp training and meet Lucca, who Chloe got to meet and love during her Rose Parade trip. It's not to be missed. Check out the teaser:

Plus, we have exciting news! Who Let The Dogs Out is having two Twitter viewing parties today, February 1st – yes, two! At 1:00 PM ET and 4:00 PM ET. During the parties @TillmanSkates will be sharing a link for you to enter a contest where random.org will randomly choose one entrant. The contest link will stay live until 11:59 PM ET Friday night. One lucky winner will win 3 nights hotel at the Sheraton Premier in Tysons Corner, VA for the 2013 BlogPaws conference, courtesy of Who Let The Dogs Out! And, BlogPaws is throwing in a free blogger registration! That means the prize is 3 nights hotel plus registration. Don't miss your chance to win! Follow #TillmanTV and join the Twitter viewing parties for your chance to win. The winner will be announced Saturday, February 2nd by 12:00 PM ET.

There's more. We recommend you set your DVR to record the whole season because there are just too many good things that you will miss if you don't. Like the new episode on February 8th that features BlogPaws and our 2012 conference in Salt Lake City, UT. If you were there you might get some TV time. Tune in to see! Check out this preview clip and see who you know: 

So, hurry up and check your local listings for The Hallmark Channel and Who Let The Dogs Out. Learn more about Tillman, military working dogs, Norman, BlogPaws and more!

Oh, and that great prize that you'll get a chance to win later today…there might be another one. Ok, there will definitely be another one! Next week we will have one more prize of 3 nights hotel and a 2013 BlogPaws blogger registration to give away. It won't be the same kind of giveaway though. The next one will be hosted by Tillman himself!

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  1. I was not home when “Who Let The Dogs Out” so I taped it to watch it later. It was on when I was still working:( I will be taping every one. Schooner and Skipper love to sit and watch the show.

  2. I just hate dat dis show iz on in da middle of a work day. Loved first season and now I haz to watch it on DVR & can’t play on Twitter wif pals durin da show like last year 🙁

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