10 Pet Blog Post Ideas for October

Welcome, October!

Back-to-school is behind us, and all-things-holiday are ahead of us. October provides an opportunity to slow down–briefly. Take this break between the hustle of September and the bustle of November and December to cover passion topics or experiment with new skills!

Pet Blog Post Ideas for October

Here are 10 pet blog post ideas for October to get those creative juices flowing:

  1. Check the October holidays and themes and select (and schedule!) what’s appropriate for you and your audience.
  2. Create a fall bucket list for you and your pet. Bonus: Turn it into a pretty printable to grow your Pinterest traffic.
  3. Share a day-in-the-life on social, then capture the highlights to repurpose into a written post. Drive traffic between the two channels!
  4. Curate a photo essay of your pets. Fall light provides opportunities for interesting shots.
  5. Fall safety tips for pets and their people.
  6. How to prep for winter fun and safety for you and your pets. (Or, summer safety if you’re in the southern hemisphere!)
  7. Exercise tips for fall: Now’s the time to get fit before we head into the slower, less-active winter months.
  8. Put together a fall reading list with all the pet-themed books you plan to read this fall and winter. Be sure to use affiliate links!
  9. Create a grooming tutorial for your pet’s specific fall-weather needs. Consider a video, like a Facebook Live or a YouTube how-to, to accompany the post.
  10. Stretch outside your comfort zone and try something new. Turn it into a fun challenge for your readers. Consider trying your hand at fiction or poetry (here’s some October inspiration from Robert Frost), or write a letter to you from your pet’s perspective. If you’re a long-form blogger, mix it up with photo essays; if you’re heavily photo-driven, try an essay. Use this slow season to get creative!

Other things to do this month: purchase or make any props you need for holiday-themed photoshoots, finalize any gift guide coverage, and take a break to recharge before the holiday season gets underway!

What are you working on this month? If you tackle any of the above, share the links below so we can read and support your work!

Image: Sergey Ginak/Shutterstock.com

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