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June Blogging Prompts

blog promptsPost by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Whew… as you read this I am heading toward the airport to leave Nashville and the stellar BlogPaws 2015 Conference that just wrapped up! As I head back to WNY, I leave you with these blogging prompts to get your brain in writing mode for the new month that lies ahead.

  1. If you attended the BlogPaws Conference write posts about: Who you met; what you learned; who you want to work with or follow up with and interview on your site — that should give you at least a post a week for the entire month!
  2. It’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month so write about a cat you have already adopted or write about a cat you’re considering adopting or write about the benefits of adopting a cat from a shelter.
  3. To continue with Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, write about the benefits of adopting an older/senior cat.
  4. It’s national Microchipping Month, write about the benefits of microchipping — interview your veterinarian.
  5. It’s Disaster Preparedness Month. Show us a video of you putting your pet’s disaster prep kit together. Blog about what’s in the kit and where you keep it.
  6. As another idea for Disaster Preparedness Month, write about the particular disasters that could occur in your part of the country and any specifics you need to prepare for, ie chances are it would be different to prepare for a flood as it would an earthquake.
  7. The second week of June is Pet Appreciation Week, blog about the reasons you appreciate your pets.
  8. The third week is Take Your Pet To Work Week, blog about whether you do take your pet to work, or why you wouldn’t
  9. June 4 is Hug Your Cat Day… make it a photo-centric post of you doing just that!
  10. June 10 is Ballpoint Pen Day. Take a day away from the computer and write your blog posts ideas in longhand. Or if you don’t want to write an entire post, brainstorm some ideas. Do you feel differently — creatively — by stepping away from the computer to compose?
  11. June 20 is World Productivity Day. What can you do to be more productive? Blog about it. What holds you back from being productive? Blog about that.
  12. June 21 is National Dog Party Day. Have you ever thrown a party for your dog? Tell us about it. Show us photos and videos of it!hug a cat
  13. June 21 is also National Selfie Day. Take some selfies with you and your pets. Upload selfies that you took at the BlogPaws Conference and make sure you tag the person who is in the photo with you!
  14. It’s Entrepreneur’s Do It Yourself Marketing Month so blog about what you learned about marketing at the BlogPaws Conference. If you didn’t attend, blog about how you can market your business.
  15. Spend some time putting together your marketing and social media plan and then blog about it.
  16. June is Great Outdoors Month. Write a post about outdoor activities you and your pets enjoy.
  17. Write a post about how you keep your pet safe from biting insects and ticks.
  18. Blog about your pet’s greatest trick. Better yet, take a video of it. I think Henrietta’s greatest tricks are… being able to choose from her 20 toys the one I am asking for by name and to sneeze “on command.” LOL what can your pets do?
  19. Take a photo of your pet’s favorite spot to sleep and then blog about why you think he or she chose it.
  20. If you could have any pet in the world what would you choose and why?
  21. What does your pet do every day that makes you love him or her just a little bit more?
  22. Use these words in a blog post: gratitude, apple pie and swimming pool. Ohhhh I’d love to see if anything comes of that!
  23. If you were going to write a book, what would the name be? Why?
  24. If you weren’t a blogger, what would you be? Blog about it.
  25. Blog about a “day in the life” of… well, you! Let would-be bloggers know what it’s like to be a blogger.
  26. Blog about pet safety when you’re on a road trip.
  27. Write a post about safety in the summer heat when you’re taking your dog for a walk. What do you take along to keep him or her safe? Where and when do you walk? You certainly don’t want to give up walks just because it’s hot outside, but you need to keep your pet safe.
  28. Write about, “What I did on my summer vacation” from your pet’s point of view!
  29. Reach out to a blogger or pet celebrity you’ve always wanted to get to know and interview him or her on your blog.
  30. Blog about how to keep your pet safe during Fourth of July Fireworks.

Let me know if any of these sparked your imagination!

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(Photo Shutterstock: Hug a cat)

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