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A New Social Learning Community Platform Coming Soon!

Hi there! As you can imagine, June has been a flurry of excitement with a few drops of anxiety as we make the final preparations for the 2016 BlogPaws Conference in Phoenix. There are so many awesome things happening that I’m pretty sure this year is going to be the best year yet!

In addition to the conference, things are heating up here behind the scenes for the Social Learning Community.

A New Social Learning Community Platform Coming Soon!

A New Social Learning Community Platform!

After much research and analysis, we’ve decided upon a new platform for the Social Learning Community. Originally, there was one platform for the community and a separate one for the SLC. BlogPaws IS a social learning community and we always have been. Social learning is not something that exists separately outside of everything else that we do. Education for bloggers is at the heart of what BlogPaws is all about.

This new platform will enhance the functionality of our private member community with the ability to offer educational eCourses! The new platform will replace our existing platform, Ning. We will have an official place to offer year-round educational courses, challenges, and materials outside of the annual conference. Plus, the new platform encourages more socialization with each other in a really fun and easy to use system! Did I mention it’s also mobile friendly?!

We are in the beginning phases of the project, so the “official” launch will be sometime within the next two months. As we progress with the project, we’ll share more with you.

Seriously, I can’t wait for you to see what’s in store!

Sneak Peek!

If you’re coming to the BlogPaws Conference, you’ll get to pull back the curtain and see what we’ve been up to! I’m offering one on one sessions on Saturday to talk about the SLC or answer any questions you have about the #BoostYourBlog10K challenge. Hurry as space is limited!

Is Your blog conference ready-

Reminder! Boost Your Blog for the BlogPaws Conference

As part of the #BoostYourBlog10K challenge, we are continuing this month with working through the challenges to help you prep for your blog for the conference.  We post daily challenges in the private Facebook SLC group that go along with our free downloadable workbook.

PS – Even if you can’t attend this year’s conference, the workbook will still be of value to help you grow your blog.

Free Workbook! How To Prep Your Blog for a Blogger Conference #BoostYourBlog10K

Goal of the Boost Your Blog 10K Challenge

Our goal is to help everyone in the BlogPaws Influencer Network grow their pageviews to 10,000 views per month by the time of the conference in June 2016. If you’re already getting 10,000+ pageviews/month, congrats! You can strive to add another 10,000!

To recap what we’ve covered so far this year, check out these blog posts for more information. It’s never too late to go back and revisit the challenges!

Get Social

We want to get social with you! Invite your friends to join the Boost Your Blog 10K challenge, share tips, and ask questions on social using the hashtag #BoostYourBlog10K.

Aimee Beltran is the Director of Community Education for BlogPaws. She also writes two blogs, Irresistible Icing and Irresistible Pets with her Chihuahua, Chuy. Aimee is passionate about her mission, “create an irresistible life you can’t resist!” She loves anything with glitter, kayaking, and spending time at the beach.

Images: Happy monkey & Cressida studio/Shutterstock.com

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