10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Blog in Minutes

As a blogger, do you ever feel like there’s no end to your to-do list? Every post requires dozens of steps just to create it, then there are all the things you need to do to promote (and re-promote) it, plus managing your online presence, and on and on! It’s easy to fall into the overwhelm trap with so much on our blogging plates.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and focus on a few quick hits that give you a big bang for a tiny buck.

10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Blog in Minutes

Here are 10 quick tips to improve your blog in minutes:

  1. Fix broken links. I use a plugin to find them on my site, then update a few at a time.
  2. Review your about page. Is it current (that includes your headshot)?
  3. Test your social links on your sidebar or footer. Do they go where you want them to?
  4. Pin a few posts from your archives.
  5. Check your Google Analytics. Make note of any patterns or adjustments you need to make.
  6. Log into your cPanel and set up auto-renewal for your hosting services.
  7. Send a quick email to say thank you to your most loyal reader, the one who always comments with kind words.
  8. Speaking of comments, take a few minutes to reply to comments left on your blog. Even a quick “thanks for weighing in” is much appreciated!
  9. Read. Whether it’s a magazine, other blogs, or a good book, reading refills your creative tank and often sparks fresh content ideas for your own platform.
  10. Toggle through all your various channels and make sure your bios and headshots match and are on brand. Update the ones that need to be spruced up.

Then, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Each of these 10 tasks can be done in minutes but can have a big impact on your overall online brand.

What are a few quick tips you have to share? What are some tasks you can complete quickly but you’ve noticed have a big impact? Share in the comments below!

Image: ArthurStock/Shutterstock.com

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