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Blog Hop: Pet Blog Trends

This blog hop is dedicated to pet blog trends. As we start winding down 2017, the prospect of a new year includes taking a look at what is trending and what we expect to stick around in the pet blog and pet influencer space.

Pet blog trends

Pet Blogs That Make a Difference: Cultural introspective blogging is not a new concept, but the idea of connecting your pet blog with a cause has finally come into its own and is making a permanent mark. More than a trend, this is a way of life and a movement with meaning. Here are 10 reasons to connect your blog with a cause.

Livestreaming: From planned and promoted videos to on-the-spot spontaneity, if one word sums up the year that was in the pet blogging space, it is video. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a big factor, but also the fact that a lot of social media channels favor video, including livestreams, in their feeds, also helps this hot trend

Video: Everyone is doing it. Video is here to stay. As we move into 2018, expect to see video refinement and the power of what was once reserved for filmmakers into the hands of the pet blogger and influencer. Step by step, this blog post will outline how to get comfortable doing online video, tricks of the trade, and the one mistake that even seasoned pros make (and you can avoid).

Longer Form Traffic: Yes, blog posts can still be short, sweet, and to the point. Check out this study on SEO from one million Google results. The folks at Medium say that a seven-minute post captures the most total reading time on average. What does that mean for you, the blogger, and just how many words should a blog post be? It depends, but sometimes size does matter. Read more about How Many Words Should a Blog Post Be?

Data Analysis and Insights Overhaul:  The analysis of data is evolving, where artificial intelligence enhances the user experience. Did you read our Google Analytics blog post?

The Increase of Influencer Marketing: To tell stories through influencer marketing campaigns will continue to soar. Information so called experts put out pales in comparison to the recommendations of friends, family, and yes, online influencers they trust. A loyal following translates to engagement and that translates to sales. Brands love us, need us, and want us: With good cause: We are established, trusted influencers.

Podcasting: According to AdWeek, “Podcast users make for an interesting advertising segment, as they not only make up a higher percentage of social media users and on-demand video subscribers than the overall population over 12, but a higher percentage of people who follow companies or brands on social.”

Mobile Traffic: If you have a pulse, you probably have a mobile device. People everywhere are using said mobile devices to connect with you. Realize that most of your blog traffic will come from mobile. If you aren’t mobile optimized, it can also cost you dearly with Google penalties.

The Almighty Face-to-Face Connections: Despite our innate draw to everything mobile, like, click, and comment, the value of face-to-face connections will continue to soar. There is something profound, important, huge, and life-altering to be said about face-to-face networking. Despite all the promotions, all the reasons of why it’s a good idea to attend the BlogPaws Conference, and all of the ways it can change your career path, there is one element that cannot be summed up in a flyer, Facebook post, tweet, or email: Networking.

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