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Time’s Running Out For Our June Adopt A Cat Blog Hop!

We're wrapping up our first themed-month here at BlogPaws and are still seeking entries in our Adopt A Cat Month Be The
Untitled Change Blog Hop. We have great prizes and it's a purrrrfect forum for you to show off your beautiful cat and kitten photos. 

We know that shelters at this time of year (and usually the entire year) are full to overflowing with cats and kittens that are seeking adoptive homes — that's why we hosted this theme month — to raise awareness and share the love! 

Hop on over to our Be The Change page, read the directions and join the hop! 

What is Adopt a Cat Month Hop?

It is a Hop specifically to link up your posts with ideas and tips about how your readers can help cats in need of adoption. We wish we could adopt them all, but since we can't, let's share all the little things people can do that will help the waiting cats and kittens get adopted, have enough food, and promote their shelters.

As pet Bloggers you are out there working with the shelters, the brands, and the public to help animals on a daily basis. What are some of your best tips? Those things that are so simple people say I can do that – I only wish I thought about it sooner.

Do you spare a tweet a day for a cat listed via PetFinder? Read the rest here:


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