Authentic Content vs TMI: How Much Is Too Much to Share?

As bloggers, we share our lives to connect with our readers.

Among bloggers, that falls on a wide spectrum, with some sharing every detail and others sharing barely a glimpse.

Have you ever worried about not sharing enough (to seem real, honest, and authentic) versus sharing way too much? Or, maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum with a carefully-curated social presence that touches on real life but doesn’t quite reflect it accurately?

Somewhere is the line between authenticity and TMI for your blog, but how do you know what falls into TMI territory and what falls into too-curated-to-be-true territory?

Authentic Content vs TMI- How Much Is Too Much to Share-


There’s currently a movement among fashion bloggers–#HalftheStory–that Create and Cultivate reported “is a global community that encourages people to share parts of their lives that exist outside the standard social media narrative. Life unfiltered. No Instagram highlight reels: just realness.”

We’ve covered protecting your pet’s online privacy and what to do if you get trolled–two very real, sometimes painful outcomes of sharing your life authentically with a wide audience. One of the goals of #HalftheStory, too, is to combat cyberbullying.

We’ve also covered how to create authentic content. So where’s the intersection between the two?

Let’s discuss!

How do you determine how much of your (and your pets’ life) to share?

Do you fall on the carefully-curated end of the spectrum, or are you on the putting-it-all-out-there end?

Have you ever faced criticism for what you have (or haven’t) posted? How did you deal with it?

Please share your experiences in the comments below so we can all discuss this interesting intersection between sharing enough, not enough, or too much of our lives online!

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