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My Bags Are Packed For BlogPaws 2014

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Yes, you read that right. With fewer than two weeks to go, my suitcases are packed and my Diva Poodle, Henrietta, is already beside herself that I am leaving even though I have the packed suitcase stowed in a closet. I admit I have always been an “early packer.” Why? It could be my inability to pack lightly or it could be my inability to make a final decision on what to actually take and wear. Even though my suitcase is “originally” packed it will be unpacked, repacked and “originally” packed again.

What is the thought process for my packing for the BlogPaws 2014 Conference? Here are some items I consider (and maybe you will want to as well if you’re coming to the conference):shutterstock_121677097

  • What will the temperature be compared to what it is: a) in New York and b) the outside air temps compared to the air temps in the session rooms. Will I need to pack short sleeve and sleeveless garments? Most likely, but I will also need to bring along a sweater or two to take the potential coolness of the meeting rooms into consideration.
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes. Will I wear “comfortable” shoes for walking around exploring that are also appropriate for attending sessions? Yes? Will I need to bring “fancy” shoes for the Red Carpet events and the Dessert on the Terrace event? Yes. What about boots to go with either a dress or pants? Yes. Whew!
  • Let’s face it, there will be many, many pets there so that means there is the potential for dog hair on my clothes (as an aside, I have one dog in the house who sheds nine months of the year and four cats that are all light colored so I have dog and cat hair on my clothes all the time), but for the conference I will also bring along my handy-dandy mini lint brush.
  • The “dress code” if there is one would likely be considered business casual but our attendees will be there in anything from taffeta hoop skirts to jeans and shorts to “dress pants.” You’re there to mix and mingle and meet people — you need to be comfortable and dress for the impression you want to make on potential blogging business partners.
  • Notebooks, writing instruments, business cards, phone and computer chargers. I do pack extra everything so I will have notebooks in my luggage as well as in my laptop bag. Additional business cards, for me, are a must as I plan to network and talk with many people that I have indicated on my printed out BlogPaws program as “must meets.” I have printed the program, have circled the sessions I plan to attend and have indicated for myself which people will help me propel my blogging career ever forward. Having a plan in place prior to stepping foot into the hotel is crucial for me as I imagine it is for any blogger who is looking at conference attendance in the light of an investment in their career.
  • Snacks. There are typically snacks between sessions but those snack times might mean that I miss the opportunity to network with a BlogPaws Conference speaker. Because of this, I always pack easy to carry snacks. My suitcase and laptop bag will be full of easy to carry and neat-to-eat snacks. (note to self, chocolate gets very melty in warm climates and can get all over your clothes!) I pack granola bars, nuts, yogurt covered treats and yes, I will bring chocolate but that usually stays in my hotel room for “emergency snack” situations. I actually have treated myself recently to a Graze subscription which means tiny, easy to carry snacks, come right to my door!

What do you do to prepare for conference attendance? How early do you pack? I can’t be the only one who packs two weeks in advance am I? Did I forget anything on my packing list? I cannot wait for the conference and to meet those of you I have circled and “must meets” from the agenda and from the Community!

Even if you haven’t started packing yet, there is still time to register. Hurry though, as we have sold out every year!

(Photo Shutterstock Yorkie and Suitcase)

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