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Looking to branch into new markets?

Guest Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Whether you're a new writer or a writer of repute that is looking to break into new markets here is a Picture1 quick top seven list for you to make the change from becoming published to becoming even more published. Regardless of whether you're a new or established writer there are no shortcuts to success and publication. Writing is hard work and requires perseverance and dedication. 

Here are our top bits of advice on getting your foot in the door of a new market:

  1. Uncover new solutions to ongoing problems. Is there an easier, quicker way to get your dog to take his pill? Have you found a foolproof way to keep pet hair off your furniture? Write about it.
  2. Money-saving tips. Regardless of the current economic times, who doesn't want to save money? No one that I know of. If you have money-saving solutions to everyday problems, pitch it to an editor. 
  3. Being proactive. Why not offer the readers ways to prevent problems from ever happening? If you have tips on preventative measures to age-old issues such as keeping your carpets flea-free or keeping Fluffy from jumping on the guests, write about it. 
  4. Make a list. Readers love lists. With the limited time that people have to devote to reading and leisure, offer a quick Top 10 list. 
  5. Take it from me… Readers enjoy learning vicariously through the writer, with whom they are identifying as the expert in this situation. 
  6. Technology solutions. With the proliferation of Smartphones and netbooks, there are myriad apps that can offer quick and easy solutions to everyday problems. If you've found an app for that, write about it. 
  7. Pssst, I've got a secret. How many times have you picked up a magazine and seen titles such as, "Secrets to rapid weight loss," or "Secrets to puppy housebreaking success"? Everyone wants in on a secret. Tell yours. 

What's your secret to success in breaking into a new market?



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  1. I Couldn’t agree more with what Robbi share here in this article. It is very hard to read, especially when we don’t have any idea of what to read. This bullet point tips, gives us more idea of what to do before we can produce great content for our readers.

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