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#PetBloggerMonth: 5 Pet Blog Content Creation Tips

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Content is king. Whether you are sharing words on your blog, your social media updates, your enewsletter, as a guest blogger or on any number of online ezine sites you need to not only find the words, but the message that you will shape into the content. How can you keep from getting stale and keep it from becoming ho-hum?

What can you do to make it so that you want to climb out of bed in the morning and write those blog posts?  Here are my five favorite pet blog content creation tips:blog content

  1. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. If you’re good behind a camera and have a willing pet subject, spend an hour or two in the pursuit of photos that you can use throughout the week. A picture on a blog post or in your social media status updates truly does speak 1,000 words. Even if you’re using pictures though you want to “highlight” them with your content so the reader has a) a reason to read and b) a reason to come back!
  2. Have evergreen content at the ready. Evergreen content is that content that truly never goes out of style and can be repurposed ie, New Year’s Resolutions, Halloween Pet Safety Tips, Summer Vacation Pet Friendly Travel Ideas. Take the content you may have written previously, update it and give it a bit of a new slant and viola fresh content for your site!
  3. Ask a question on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or BlogPaws Community pages then fashion a blog post around the answers you receive. Chances are when you ask a question you will receive lots of content fodder AND it will be about something an audience has indicated they want to know more about or obtain answers to.
  4. Do product reviews, offer giveaways or run a contest. If you have a product for your pet that you absolutely love, share that love on your website. Remember, if you’ve been given the product for a review, you need to disclose that to your readers. If you run a giveaway or contest on your website, it may be a way to quickly create content and drive some traffic to your site. Be aware though that this may not be “ideal traffic” or may not generate long-term readers, but it will give you a spike in traffic.
  5. Reuse your old posts. If you had a post that generated a lot of traffic rewrite it and reuse it and reference the former post in the new one. If you wrote on a particular topic that has been brought to life again because there is new or updated information you can add, then by all means do so. Are there new ways to fight fleas and ticks that may not have been available when you wrote a post about flea and tick care a year ago? Update it and let your readers know!

Do you have any go-to methods of creating content in a snap? We’d love to hear about them.

(Photo: Shutterstock Border collie under blanket)

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