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Copyright, product reviews and contests: One Blogger’s Thoughts

I-still-want-more-puppies A.J. over at I Still Want More Puppies, has a great blog post about the session covering copyright, product reviews and contests. She has given us permission to share it, with a link back to her blog where you can read all of her posts about the conference.

I will only quote some of what she wrote – so, please hop over to the actual post "BlogPaws Episode 7: This is the end"  – you'll not only learn a little something, you'll be entertained. This gal is a talented writer.

"When last we saw our intrepid heroine, she had just finished lunch on the last day of BlogPaws. What adventures await her in this installment?


After lunch, it was time to head to my final session. I chose one entitled "Copyright Basics for Bloggers & Staying Out of Trouble with the FTC." Obviously, I'm not here to give you legal advice, but I am happy to share some resources so you can learn about copyright, product reviews and contests. These sites will provide you with some handy information:

  • To learn more about copyright law, visit the U.S. Copyright Office. There are a few angles to consider here, including learning the basics about when your work is copyrighted and protecting your own work. There's also a handy page intended to help you unravel the mysteries of copyright law, whether you're the creator of the content or wondering how and when you can use someone else's content on your site. (On a related note, I love a government agency with a sense of humor – this FAQ was my favorite.)
  • Speaking of using content you didn't create, you may want to check out the Creative Commons website. You can search this site for creative works that you may be able to use on your blog – visit here to learn about how content is licensed and how you can use it. You can also find some Creative Commons work on Flickr."

There is more but you must visit her blog to read it. I did borrow a couple of great pics – she has a point Cosmo-pup when she says, "No offense to anyone else, but I'm pretty sure that Cosmo was the cutest speaker at the conference." Oh yeah!

There's a link to all her other posts about her conference experience but… you'll have to visit her blog to get it. Plan on a half hour or so – you'll need it. Her storytelling is well worth the time!

Thanks, A.J. And just to be certain, I sure would like more puppies, too. ~Yvonne

p.s. if you really want to get your blog on, hop over to her I Still Want More Cupcakes blog – OMG! She'll have you drooling like a hound dog!

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