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For Love of Hobo

Mary Schmidt Sometimes you come across a post online that speaks to you. It could be about pets or not about pets. It just resonates.

This post, from Mary Schmidt – Marketing Troubleshooter – who guest blogs at my other blog, is about marketing. But, it's also about kittens. And how the love of pets is not exclusive to pet bloggers.

Let me quote from the closing paragraphs of her post, "It's the Emotional Thing To Do" and ask you to read the opening for yourself.It's worth your time, I promise.

"His name is Hobo. I'd already named him before I looked up the universal hobo symbol for kind woman, shown at right.  Seems the universe is trying to tell me something. I swear I must have this little sign – in cat language – on my back door (For years, wherever I've lived. Cats seem to always pick me.) Hobo

That emotion into logic transformation? Easy-peasy.  The little guy is so scared and shy; I need to "socialize" him, even if I do find a foster group able to take him in.  Otherwise, he'll have a difficult time getting adopted.  See? Easy. Of course, by the time he's fully socialized, I'll have totally bonded with the little sucker (Sucker? That's me…;0 

To bring us all back to a biz point.  Simple question.  What sign would a customer see on your door? Are you even aware of the sign? Could it be – um "nothing doing here?" (another hobo sign)  You'd be amazed how word gets around. Even without social media technology. Back in the old days, the hobo word-of-mouth network spread the word very well indeed, with nary a computer or smartphone around."

Here's a link to the whole post – showing how our emotions rule.

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  1. Nice post. When I’m not blogging, I work as a counselor and do workshops with the mentally ill. The part where she writes, “…we make decisions – even the biggest biz ones – based on emotion, then justify them with logic” is something I have thought about before but have never articulated into words. I’ll defiantly add this snippet to my mental library 🙂

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