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Unsung Hero

According to this report on FOX News.com, the world is missing out on recognizing someone very important to the recent ‘developments’ in Pakistan.

The report says, “Among the commandos was a heroic canine – a bomb-sniffing dog who was attached to a team member as the SEALs were lowered from a Black Hawk helicopter into bin Laden’s hideout, The Sun reports.This unsung hero, one of our four-legged soldiers, has not yet been identified, but some speculate the breed was either a Belgian Malinois or German shepherd, breeds used frequently in raids in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Of our four-legged unsung hero, General Petraeus is quoted saying, “The capbaility they bring to the fight cannot be replicated by man orGermanshepard   machine… By all measures of performance, their yield outperforms any asset we have in our industry.”

Let’s hear a big cheer for our military dogs! [German Shepard pictured here is NOT the dog in the report; just a good representation from the AKC.org site]

NOTE: Not everyone believes a dog participated. This SLATE article titled, Canine Commando, goes into more detail.

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  1. I read this story today. So So proud of our 4-legged service animals. I work for a business that we mail packages to the servicemen every month. We just recently started including a service dog and last summer we were able to purchase 5 cooling vests for the service dogs. We hope to purchase twice as many this year. Sherri

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