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Seven Steps To Crafting A Better Blog Post

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Don’t you wish
there was a magic formula for writing the perfect pet blog post? Well, it may
not be a
Picture1 magic formula, but there are some steps you can take to amp up the
Google love and draw in the readers.

Here are my
favorite seven magic bullets for a blog post that people will want to read:

  1. Find
    the perfect blog post title. Your title is what will make you most searchable on Google.
    If your post is titled, “How to write a blog post” you could certainly
    glean from the title what the blog is about but if you wrote, “Tips for
    writing a pet blog post that shines” is more exciting, isn’t it? You don’t
    want to give away the farm in your title, nor do you want to be so vague
    that the reader is perplexed. If you’re writing a list post (and readers
    love them, btw) put your list in the title, for example “Seven tips to writing
    a searchable blog post.”
  2. Jump
    right into the action of your blog post. The title will draw the readers
    in, but if you have to work your way up to the actual good stuff included
    in the post, you should step back and do some editing and cutting of
    content. Your first paragraph is the hook to grab the reader’s attention
    and keep them reading until the end.

  • Photos
    and videos make your post more enjoyable. Break up the text with a photo
    that illustrates the point you’re making in your blog post. Are you more
    likely to read a blog post or a social media status update if there’s an
    image attached? If you’re like most people, the answer is a resounding
    yes! Use eye-candy to your advantage.
  • Don’t
    forget the links. If you’re writing about a pet topic and alluding to a
    blog post you’ve written previously, link to that in your post. Link to
    keywords in your blog post. For example, if you’re writing a blog post
    about, “The best way to bathe your poodle,” link to the word poodle.
  • Are
    you writing about a complex pet subject? Can you break it down into
    smaller, more bite-sized morsels? How about breaking the subject up into a
    series of smaller posts. Why not interview an expert on the subject
    matter. Remember, what is a simple concept to you, is not necessarily that
    simple for your reader. While you certainly don’t want to talk down to
    your readers, you shouldn’t assume they are a subject matter expert – that
    is why they came to your blog – to learn something!
  • Break
    up your blog posts into more readable “chunks.” Use bullets or numbers.
    Write short paragraphs, short sentences. Subheadings are also a great way
    to break up a long blog post into different sections for your readers to
  • Lead
    your reader gently toward the conclusion but don’t let them off the hook!
    Pose a question. Ask for a comment. You’re looking for engagement in your
    blog posts, now is the time to request it!
  • What steps can you take to amp up your blog posts? How can you
    garner more engagement? I’d love to know! 

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    1. I think using three keyword links is optimal. There are others who may disagree but I try to do three per post — if it makes sense.

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