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December Content Ideas for Pet Influencers Blog Hop

Did you catch our  25 ideas for pet blog holiday content post? Add to that holiday treasure trove of content ideas, as this week’s blog hop for Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to December content ideas for pet influencers. We are going beyond the holidays with creative and unique blog post idea starters. Happy blogging, happy social media posting, and happy holidays! December is upon us!



  1. How to snazz up a non-traditional pet home for the holidays (birds, ferrets, fish, reptiles)
  2. December 2: Hanukkah begins at sundown, National Mutt Day
  3. December 19: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (great for pet fun)
  4. DIY Ornaments with a Pet Theme
  5. Decorating a Christmas  Tree with a Pet Theme


  1. Winter dangers for pets: Everyone blogs about holiday dangers; be different and showcase winter dangers for pets.
  2. Treats Your Pets Can Eat
  3. Christmas Tree and Decorations: How to Keep Pets Away
  4. Why Pets Do Not Make Good Gifts for the Holidays
  5. Liquid Dangers to Pets

New Year’s

  1. Keep Pets Safe From Bolting: Fireworks and Pots and Pans Clanging Alert
  2. Alcohol and Pets Do Not Mix
  3. New Years Resolutions for Pets
  4. End of Year Sales and Bargains for Pet Lovers (include affiliate links, as people want to spend those holiday gift cards)
  5. Pet Friendly Things to do For New Year’s Eve

Non-Holiday December Themed

  1. December 4: World Wildlife Conservation Day
  2. National Cat Lovers Month
  3. Safe Toys and Gifts Month
  4. Pet Friendly Places to Visit to Escape the Holidays
  5. Pet Themed Books to Read by a Cozy Fire

December Potpourri

  1. Bah Hambug: How to Channel Your Inner Elf When You Hate the Holidays
  2. Reasons for the Season: A list of things to be grateful for and encourage your readers/followers to chime in with their favorite reasons for the season (makes a great social media post)

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