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The Bideawee Ball and Flat Pets

by Caroline Golon, BlogPaws co-founder

The gang There’s nothing like roving pets, bloggers, cocktail dresses and celebrities to properly kick off the week. That’s how Monday night went for me at least, thanks to a kind invite by IAMS to the Bideawee Ball in NYC. I was joined by fellow BlogPaws community members, Michele Hollow and her husband Stephen, Lana Vitsup and Carol Bryant (and Dexter!)

Bideawee, which means “stay awhile” in Scottish, is one of the oldest pet welfare organizations in the New York City area. Since 1903, they have been helping homeless pets through adoption services, a vet clinic, community education, training and much more. It’s a darn impressive organization.

IAMS received the “Bideawee Corporate Award” for the company’s Home 4 the Holidays program. In 2010, Home 4 the Holidays helped 1.1 million pets find forever homes. Also, the initiative donated 5 million meals to shelter and rescues. Go IAMS!

Bev Van Zant of IAMS, our hostess for the evening and the creator of MyFlatPet.com, presented me with a Flat Romeo for the event. The real Romeo does not do galas so this was perfect. Speaking of Flat Pets, Bev is conducting a workshop at BlogPaws 2011 on making your very own Flat Pet! They’re a lot of fun and always terrific conversation starters so you should consider attending the session.

Flat Pets are also a great way to approach celebrities at fundraisers.  Loretta Swit, who gave a heartwarming speech about the human-animal bond, was extremely gracious and was happy to meet Flat Romeo and take a photo with us. Loretta, a.k.a. Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan from M*A*S*H*, is a huge animal advocate and artist whose work goes to benefit animals. Such talent! Beth-bev-caroline

And, of course, if you see animal lover Beth Ostrosky Stern, you have to get your photo taken with her, too. She seemed puzzled by the flat pets but when you’re married to Howard Stern, I suspect you kinda learn to roll with things that seem odd.

It was a lovely event and we all enjoyed ourselves very much. I was happy to learn more about Bideawee and the wonderful work they do to help pets in need and I spent the evening in the company of people who are truly passionate about pets.  Hmmm…..sounds kinda like the BlogPaws community!


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  1. Hey, Dr. V, are you talking about the platinum blond that Bev is holding, or the strawberry blond with Caroline?
    Caroline, Flat Olive wants to know, “Who you callin’ odd?”
    Can’t wait for all the flat cats (and dogs) to meet up at BlogPaws!!!

  2. I have a 2 year old Shih Tzu boy who actually has me and the run of my entire household and the rest of my life as well.
    Being that as it may, he is such a handful that I’m actually thinking of having his image recreated as a flat pet who will no longer nip me, will not growl at me and will not pull me to the left when I want to go to the right.
    Thanks for implanting this terrifically fun idea.

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