My Precious Friend & Healer, Diva

By Guest Blogger Nancy Mills

Through a sequence of serendipitous events on my adventures to learn more about my family, I was NancyDiva1 recently led to a healing horse. Her name is Diva.

Let me explain. I had not planned to go to an art opening given in LA (by my former somatic therapist who is also an artist) but I went. There, sitting at the table next to me was a woman with an incredible kindness about her. I was drawn to introduce myself. Turns out her name was Sara Vaughan and I asked her what she did and she said, “Family Constellation Therapy with horses.”

“What’s that?,” I asked.

“Family Constellation Therapy helps people heal trauma in their ancestral family that consciously or unconsciously affects their lives in the present. I bring horses into the healing circle and in addition to the people present they help you,” she answered. “Will I have to ride one?” “No, you pick the horse you resonate with, and I bring them in the circle. They help support you.”

Never having met Sara before, and having avoided horses for almost 50 years, I said with one of the quickest decisions I’ve ever made in my life, “Sign me up. Just sign me up.” I just had a hunch. A feeling. A knowing.

And that’s how I met Diva at the Silver Horse Healing Ranch in Topanga, CA in January of this year. She was the horse I picked in my first “constellation” – there were about eight to choose from. Bigger than the other horses, she was brought in the circle, and I almost passed out from fright. What if she stepped on my toe? Or knocked me over, or squished me? As it turned out, she did overpower me in a sense, but she was the gentlest creature and I instantly found her to be my instinctive protector. Sara later told me that Diva was rarely picked.

For many reasons: it seemed Diva herself was abandoned by her mother, pretty much left for the glue factory, and many of her siblings died. She was aloof and scared of people and people sensed that.

But, we bonded. Our stories were similar, particularly when it came to abuse and emotional abandonment issues. Since we first met, she has become a great source of healing for me. I trust her with my life. Last week, I took a video with Diva and I put it up on our Facebook page. I do hope you go over and like the page and watch the video. It’s less than a minute. But it is a minute filled with love.

And the power of a horse. A Diva, if you will. Watch My Precious Friend & Healer, Diva video here.

Nancy Mills is the Creator of the Spirited Woman Approach to Life;  the founder of Spirited Woman, one of the leading online women’s empowerment communities in the world; and the publisher of the popular international Spirited Woman Blogger Team. Nancy also speaks across the country to help inspire women in a broad array of topics. A graduate of UCLA with a BA in Psychology, Nancy resides in Los Angeles, CA, and her favorite pastimes are reading mysteries, gourmet cooking, and travel adventures.


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