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How To Write A How-To Blog Post

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

If you’re like many people who read blog posts, it’s likely
because you want to learn something, right? In
Picture1 a world crammed full of work,
life, spending time with family and pets, giving your time to a blogger and her
blog post is a gift. If you like to walk away from a blog post having learned
something or if you write blog posts and want your readers to walk away having
learned something, writing a great how-to article is the way to go.

Here are seven steps to penning a great how-to article for your
next pet blog post:

  1. Choose a topic that you’re passionate about
    and one in which you have a deep understanding. If you’re uninterested
    with the topic, it will show through in your words and if you are unsure
    of the topic, your reader will walk away more confused than enlightened.
  2. Choose a headline that lets your reader know
    exactly what he will learn, for example: How To Travel Cross Country With
    Your Cat, or Seven Steps To Make Your Blogs Sing.
  3. Start your how to piece with an overview.
    Explain to the reader why you’re writing the how to and what your
    expertise. Explain who will benefit from the topic and how.
  4. If your how to requires planning and
    preparation (How To Give Your Dog A Bath) explain what supplies are
    needed, how much time will be necessary, and any tools necessary. If your
    how to article will require your reader to have prior knowledge, you can
    either direct them to an article you’ve written previously or explain
    where they can get the prerequisite knowledge.
  5. Pen your how to with the assumption that while
    your reader is eager to learn what you’re writing, she has no prior
    knowledge. What is obvious to you may not be obvious to the reader. For
    example, if you’re a master chef and are writing a How To Make The Perfect
    Biscuit blog post, assume that your reader will need exact measurements
    rather than “a pinch of salt” or a “pre-warmed oven.”
  6. Use photos or videos, if possible, to
    illustrate your points. Write the how to in simple language and break the
    entire how to into easy to read bullet points or numbered steps.
  7. Wrap up your how to blog post with a summary
    paragraph. Invite comments and success stories from your readers. Keep the
    comments open to those readers who may not have been successful at
    implementing your how to knowledge.

 What expertise do you posses that would lend itself to a how to pet blog


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  1. Everything from pet product demonstration to pet travel to pet tips, pet behavior, pet wellness, pet safety, and much more. I love how-to posts. Thanks!

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