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Talking To My Dog

Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess

Hands up if you talk to your dog, cat, ferret, geckos, birds or guinea pigs. Come on. I know I am not alone, here. Okay. I admit I am home alone this week. With my daughter having moved out and into her own apartment a few weeks ago, our son having moved out a few years ago and the hubs on a wilderness camping trip with his friends, it is spenser and henjust me and my pets this week.

I work from home, by choice. Why? Because I am an introvert and I enjoy it… most of the time. I enjoy knowing that at the end of the work day there will be another human in the house. I like knowing that I will have someone to share the ups and downs of my day with over dinner.

During the day, though. It’s me and the diva poodle, Henrietta. And we talk. A lot! Well, she doesn’t talk, unless you count barking as talking and in some cases I do. But she is a heck of a listener. The cats are talkers so if I walk up to Parker or Lucy or Jessie, make eye contact and start talking, they will chime in — sometimes all of them at once.

Hen deckThe television and talk radio are also my friends during the workday. When I take a break and truly listen to the radio or watch a television show I admit that I will talk (or yell) at the show that is on — it depends on the subject matter and how involved I am with it. Naked and Afraid, no contest. I am having a running conversation with those people!

This week though it’s been silent. It’s been me. All day and all night. I have had no meetings to attend. No out-of-office lunches with friends planned. It’s been me, the Hen and the rest of the pets and instead of my talking to them for only about eight hours a day, the conversations have stretched to include up to 16 hours a day of me talking and them listening. They are my Wilson (s)!

When you’re home alone, do you talk to your pet? Do you ask them questions? I admit that I will sometimes say, “So, Hen what should we have for lunch?” “Hey kitties who wants a couch snuggle?” ‘Fess up. Tell me your “home alone and talking jessie bellywith my pet stories!”

Frankly, as a Boomer with an empty nest I am happy for my pets. They are sentient beings that I can talk with. They offer me comfort when I am feeling truly alone and the tears start.

They make me laugh when they run around the house chasing their toys or dashing around when dinner time is nigh. What do you love best about being a pet parent?


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