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9 Ways to Be the Most Forgettable Blogger Ever

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by: Carol Bryant

Blog topics are one of the greatest things to come along since sliced white bread. In fact, blog topic starters are so fantastic that everyone should write the same topics so that everyone can be like everybody else. Being a forgettable blogger is a goal for 2015 for you.

One of the above is true, and if you guessed the first part, you nailed it. Along with writing the same thing as everyone else, there are a whole host of ways bloggers can become, well, the most forgettable blogger ever. This isn’t meant to be a cynical, riot-starting, or  a”crud, now what do I do” form of criticism, but a friendly reminder that in order to stand out from the pack,  you need to be different rule. Here then are 9 ways to be the most forgettable blogger ever followed by 9 ways to ensure folks never forget your blog:

Forgettable: Do follow the same blog prompts as everyone else and blog the same material in the same way as everybody else.

Memorable: Take blog prompts and make them your own. Each month BlogPaws provides a list of “blog topic starters,” but if 110 or 250 or 543 bloggers are all writing on exactly the same topic, how many of those posts are folks going to actually read? Instead, take a blog topic and apply your blog style and unique writing voice to it. Use the topic starters for creative ideas and then form a blog post around your blog’s mission and purpose.

Forgettable: Blog and then share your post one time on social media.

Memorable: Share posts at different times, with a different message, and not just one time. The day you blog, share the post on Facebook. Keep the post alive on Twitter. A few days later, put up a pinnable image – and pinnable means something folks would want to share. A cute photo of a kitty is great: But “7 Ways to Make Your Cat an Instagram Star” as a call out on that photo has more share appeal. Consider sharing a blog post from earlier in the year. Blog posts need not be written once and forgotten unless they are time sensitive, which is why an evergreen post rocks.

Forgettable: Don’t use proper punctuation and have run on sentence so that it goes on and one and dont forget not to use paragraphs or make a paragraph so long that the reader gives up despite how good the content is see what i mean how annoying this is.

Memorable: Good writing means good grammar. Good grammar means  happy readers. I don’t care how good the post content is: Readers will see through misspellings and crummy structure.

Forgettable: Make your post so image heavy that it takes forever for a blog post to load.

Memorable: Compress images and check plug-ins to ensure any photo-oriented widgets or plug-ins aren’t slowing your site speed down. No one wants to wait these days, especially in a world of high speed, well, everything.

Forgettable: Don’t blog for pet parents: Just blog for friends, family and close connections.

Memorable: Answer this question: Who is your target reader? In a perfect world, who would be reading and commenting on your blog regularly? The answer to that question is your blog’s target reader and the audience to strive to find and secure. Yes, friends and family are important. And yes, bloggers should comment on each other’s blogs. Expanding horizons to secure more readers is also a great way become a memorable blogger with repeat visits: From pet parents.


Forgettable: Don’t have a business plan in place.

Memorable: If you are a hobby blogger and a biz plan is not your thing or there is zero interest to grow a blog, you can skip this point. If you are a blogger who wants to expand, a professional who wants to grow, a beginner or intermediate blogger who desires a blog-themed career, then a business plan is a must-do. It’s not hard, but it does take work. Anything worth having is worth working for: And you aren’t alone.

Forgettable: Argue with people who disagree. Take everything personally and take it out on your fans: They have no right to disagree with you, right?

Memorable: Wrong! If someone is a troll or going for the jugular, of course there is a recourse and spam or vulgarity/threats are cause for dismissal and blocking. Controversy can be a great way to bring readers to your blog if that’s your style or to shake things up. Socking it to your fans when they disagree is a sure way to drive them away.

Forgettable: Make it hard to comment or share your amazing blog post.

Memorable: Are your share buttons noticeable? Is your comment box easy to find? Can I reply easily and tell my friends about your blog? These are a few elements of a memorable blog.

Forgettable: Make your blog completely opinion based and never cite any sources or links that prove what you are saying to be true and based in fact.

Memorable: Opinion pieces are fantastic and a great way to share your voice. For the long-term being able to cite sources along with any quotes or references to valid, credible sources lends authority and professionalism to a blog.

Okay those are 9 for starters: What did we miss? What makes a blog forgettable? What makes it memorable? 



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