BlogPaws News Bite: Irresponsible Pet Ownership

It’s always galling when news article reports on an attack by XYZ breed, but what the news outlets typically fail to report is that it’s Lenard-Armani-McKinnis-pitbulls-dog-attack-Steve-Dalenot the dogs’ fault. It is the fault of the irresponsible pet owner who allowed the dogs to run, unrestrained, and cause the situation in the first place.

Steve Dale  writes about this and about a boy who was injured because of dogs left to run loose in a neighborhood. You can read the post here.

Do you feel it’s the responsibility of the pet owner to keep his or her pet restrained? Besides the fact that your dog may injure someone, he or she could get lost, get into a fight with another dog or get hit by a car. Please, people care for your pets properly!

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