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Three Tips To Caring For A Senior Pet

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

For anyone who adopts a pet — whether a puppy or an older dog — there will come a time when you will
Senior-dogs-538x218 be faced with caring for him or her into old age. There are steps you can take to help your pet age with grace and good health (much the same way humans need to!) 

Here are three tips for helping your pet age healthfully: 

  1. Be aware of any health issues that
    could arise. For different breeds, sizes and species, there are unique aging
    issues that arise, for example, in large breeds you see problems with their
    hips and joints. Other issues that face our aging pets are: obesity, dental
    issues, diminished ability to fight off infections, loss of muscle and/or
    bladder control, deterioration of skin and fur, arthritis.
  2. Feed your pet the right diet. You
    should be cognizant of this from the day you bring your pet into your home. The
    size and species and activity level of your pet will help determine the amount
    and kind of food she eats. If you have questions, read the labels on the bags
    of food you purchase and ask your vet for advice. Making sure your pet food
    includes beta-carotene and vitamin E can aid in elimination of free radicals
    which can cause damage to your pet’s body tissues and contribute to the signs
    of aging.
  3. Preventing obesity as your pet ages
    is crucial to his long-term health. As in humans as we age, if we move around
    less we tend to gain weight. If your pet is less active, you may want to consider
    cutting back on the amount of food you feed and even the kind of food. Keep
    your pet as active as possible to help prevent obesity. Protein is a must in
    your pet’s diet because even as your pet ages her need for protein doesn’t
    diminish. Protein in your pet’s diet helps keep his muscle mass.

Routine visits to
your veterinarian are also crucial to your pet’s overall wellbeing. Ask your
vet for advice on enhancing your pet’s quality of life and for advice you can implement
to make his life easier as he ages.

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  1. Loved this blog. My wife is an avid cat lover. We took in two black cats twenty years ago. Named them purry and murray. Our kids grew up with them. When they passed it was tough on our kids, especially Danielle. But it is a life lesson. We now have four indoor cats, including one we just rescued from Tampa, Jules.

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