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BlogPaws Not-So-Secretly-Guarded Community

Kellyby: Carol Bryant

If you’ve ever been to a BlogPaws Conference, you know the
amount of learning, networking, growing, interacting, sponsor meeting, and
relationship building that happens, right? If you’ve never been to a BlogPaws
, not to worry, we continue the experience year-round online.

“I wish the feeling could last and the networking could
continue year-round.” Ever utter those words to yourself?

"I wish that I could
have made it to an actual in-person BlogPaws conference, but it hasn’t happened
just yet.” How many of you concur with that statement?

We’ve got news: We have all this year round. You knew this, right? Here's where…

There is a year-round (free) community that BlogPaws has
available 24/7, 365. We just celebrated 1,600 members and encourage everyone
and anyone who wishes they went to BlogPaws conferences or wants the networking
and interaction to continue year round to join.

BlogPaws has changed my life and given me focus, reinforcing
the passion I have for helping animals coupled with forming a career out of my
love for dogs (and writing, social media, and PR). And not to sound all election campaign-ish, but it can do a lot of the same for you.

BlogPaws is a Community of like minded, passionate pet bloggers, helping one another expand
our networks and achieve our online goals.

It is really easy to join and then super
simple to stay in touch. Remember Message Boards? Maybe some of you are engaged in message
boards elsewhere. Our community is very similar to message boards except that
there are layers to it, groups, themed posts, and much more.

We’ll be putting together a FAQ about the
BlogPaws Community, but exploring and navigating is pretty simple. I’ve been
able to network with fellow bloggers, ask questions, grow my blog, and expand
my connections through the BlogPaws Community. Oh, and brands look to our network, too. Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws' co-founder, talked about brands and the BlogPaws niche community here.

Here are a few screen shots of what you can
expect to see when you get approved. All you need do is apply. We’ve got a
community badge you can share on your blog, photos and videos, areas for general
blog talk, and a few dozen groups with which to interact. The only question
left is: When will you join (or for BlogPaws Community members of present, have
you been over to visit lately?)





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