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BlogPaws News Bite: Protect Your Pet From Kitchen Dangers

Pet Safety Month has just gotten underway at BlogPaws this month and we saw this article about dangers that could impact — or evenkitchen dangers kill — your pet in the kitchen.

Please take a moment to read this post over on Scratchings and Sniffings and please keep your pet out of the kitchen and away from these potential dangers which include suffocation from a potato chip bag.

There are many dangers pet parents need to address before they leave the house and leave their pets unattended — potato chip and cereal bags are only two of them.

(I know in my house, our cats spend a lot of time opening the cupboard doors and now I know that could lead to injury or worse in my pets. I am off to purchase child-safety sliders to keep the cupboard doors from being able to be opened by curious kitties.)

What steps do you need to take now that you know some of these dangers? Did you already know of these dangers?

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