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How Engaging Is Your ‘About Me’ Page On Your Pet Blog

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Manager Robbi Hess

When people come
to your blog, chances are they're coming because of the scintillating post that
Picture1 went live. They come because you have cornered the market in your
particular niche, or maybe because of the cute pictures you're posting of your
pets engaged in adorable activities, or because you provide them with the
latest and greatest in pet care or pet product reviews.

Regardless of the
reason they first sought you out and started following your posts, they stay
because of who "you" are, the person behind the blog, the man behind
the curtain (as it were). When you think about it that way you really need to
think about how robust your "About Me" section is. Do
you have an About Me? Is it complete? On your blog, there are no prompts to
make you fill out a profile in its entirety like there is on LinkedIn, for
example. It's up to you to look at your About Me and see if it is all it can be
or if it needs a facelift. You should plan to update your About Me every six months or at the very most, annually. 

When you first launched your blog, you should have had a landing
page – the page your readers see when they first click through to your URL. The
landing page is important as it lets the visitor know who you are and what you
do and what they can expect to see from your site. The landing page really
isn’t the place for your About Me as that should be more in depth.

About Me pages let the readers uncover who you are and your
blog’s mission. They also give the reader insight into what got you started on
this particular pet blogging niche and what motivates you. About Me pages are
as difficult to write as a synopsis for a book – they need to be engaging,
entertaining and brief! Remember, most internet surfers have limited attention
spans and want to get to the good stuffs asap.

Here are eight ways to get your About Me page to the best
state it can be:

  • Start with
    what you’ve already done. Check out your own profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook,
    Twitter, and if you guest blog, what do you put for your bio at the end of a
    post. Use what you already have as a starting point. 
  • Don’t forget
    the basics. Your name – this is especially true if your blog is under your
    pet’s name and if your pet pens a lot of the posts – and your location (you
    don’t need your street address but adding a state gives the reader an idea of
    where you are physically located.
  • When did you
    start your blog and why? What inspires you? What motivates you? This is a great
    way to brainstorm adjectives that describe you, verbs that motivate you and maybe
    even verbs that you use to motivate others. Write down some words that describe
    your personality – vivacious, professional, personable, quirky, etc. 
  • What are your
    qualifications to blog about this specific topic? Why would you blog about
    Poodles when you have only ever owned goldfish? If you live in the country with
    a large lawn for your pets to roam, does it make sense you’d start a blog about
    living in a city in an apartment with your 200 pound Mastiff?
  • Add a photo
    of yourself. Yes, people might come to your blog to see your fluffy kitty pics,
    but they want to know who is the mom or dad of these fluffy kitties. Either
    have professional photos taken or have a friend take some pics of you with and
    without your fur-iends.
  • Don’t forget
    to add your email contact information. 
  • Be upbeat in
    your About Me page – even if your blogging was prompted by a devastating time
    in your past. You don’t want to gloss over a difficult time but don’t make it
    the focus of your About Me – yes it shaped you, but chances are it doesn’t
    define you today.
  • Ask a trusted
    friend to read over your About Me and see if it captures the essence of who you
    are and what you do. Make it live!

How complete and accurate, awesome and up to date is your About Me page? 



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