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Organize Your Blogging Tasks For Success

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Is there any one thing that a blogger could do to be successful? Maybe not one thing, but there are actions you can implement that may help your blog, your productivity and your business grow. Not all of these tips have to do with writing a to-do list or with timing yourself for the tasks you’re completing. In some cases, organizing could mean that you’re taking time to work ON your blogging business, not just IN your business.

Here are my favorite organizational tips:

Use plugins, when possible. While I like to plan my blog posts in a physical calender, once I have my editorial blog successcalendar planned out and written down, I transfer that information to the editorial calendar plug in from WordPress. I like being able to see, at a glance, my entire calendar; this is especially helpful if I am traveling and don’t have my blogging calendar with me. Another part I love with this widget is that if I need, or want, to move a planned post from one day to another, I can do that simply by dragging and dropping that info —  it’s a breeze. A plug in like this is also ideal if you’re working with a team who is adding content to a website/blog. This keeps everyone on track and they can all see what is planned so there is no content overlap.

Talk with colleagues about your ideas and themes. Even if you work from home or if you believe your time is too limited to be able to make time for a phone call with a business accountability partner, I can tell you that the time spent with a partner, brainstorming ideas, is time you will pick up in the long run. The return on your investment is well worth stepping away from the computer a day a week for thirty minutes or an hour. When you’re at the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville, take time to make friends with fellow bloggers. You just may find a kindred soul who is looking for an accountability partner to help grow his or her business.

Don’t let your idea well run dry. Ideas are all around you, but you need to be open to them. Writer’s block is a myth, especially if you know you’re going to be building a long term blogging aka writing career you need to always be looking for ideas. I have a physical idea folder where I place articles or headlines I’ve cut out. There may be a question in a Dear Abby column that sparks an idea. I cut that out, put it in the folder and keep it in case I ever need an idea. If you’re out and about and don’t have paper with you, grab your smart phone and record a note with the idea that just popped into your head. I get ideas all of the time when I am walking Henrietta in the cemetery. I take a walk imagine that’s because I am so relaxed and the fresh air just sparks my imagination. If I relied on my memory to hold onto those ideas I’d be… frankly, idea-less… so I put them into my smart phone when they pop into my head and viola — no lost ideas.

Post to your social media pages and your blog when you know the traffic is going to be there. If, for example, you know that when you post a blog on Friday all it receives are crickets, then post your blog on a different day. Dig into your Google Analytics, see when traffic is at its highest and then make your posts go live on that date and time. Feed the readers when they’re hungry.

Take time to be social. If you’re only going to your social media pages to put a link up and say, “hey read my latest and greatest” you will soon find yourself losing friends and readers. No one wants to be continually “sold to” on social media. Always keep in mind that social media means be social. What goes around comes around and if you’re liking and commenting and sharing the updates of others you will likely find they will return the favor.

If you’re attending the BlogPaws conference what is your plan for getting a return on your investment from your attendance? Do you want to connect with brands? Meet someone with whom you can become an accountability partner with? Prior to attending the conference, make time to truly understand what you’re hoping to gain from the conference and then make it happen.

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