3 Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews

Writing reviews of the products you use and try out with your pets is a great way to create a dialogue with your readers. Sharing your honest experiences on what works well and what should be avoided makes for valuable content fellow pet owners love to read and share.

Here are 3 tips that will help take your pet product reviews to the next level.

3 Quick Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews - BlogPaws.com

Take Better Photos

Humans are visual creatures–when people are reading about a pet product, they want to see every aspect of it to understand it better. Pet toys are especially unique and hard to describe through words alone, so your photos will be important to the success of your article!

To take better photos, I suggest investing in a DSLR camera. While smartphone cameras are always improving and can certainly get the job done, a good entry-level DSLR camera will only run you $400-500 and will last you 10+ years if you take care of it. The difference in photo quality between a smartphone and a DSLR can mean the difference between your article looking amateurish or professional.

Another way you can get better photos is by investing a bit in your photo setup. A light tent (a white, semi-opaque cube that you can place a product in to take photos) and some extra lighting can make a big difference in your photos.

Fully Test the Products

Don’t rush to review a product immediately after you use it, be sure to give your pet a few weeks with it before drawing a verdict.

Things like durability and longevity of a product are important to your readers. If your pet doesn’t engage with a product after a day or two, that’s something your audience would love to hear.

Answer the Questions Your Readers Are Asking

A great review will answer all the questions your fellow pet owners are asking–and even the questions they don’t know they have yet!

Spend some time looking on social media and the comments on other blog posts about this product to find out the questions people have, then be sure to answer them.

If you consistently do this, your blog will become the first place your audience goes when they’re interested in new pet products since you’ve established yourself as a reliable source of complete information.

3 Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews - BlogPaws.com

Tell us: How do you use product reviews to build rapport with your readers? What questions do you have about writing better pet product reviews?

Kyle Holgate is a blogger and pet lover that shares his dog product reviews on Woof & Whiskers which are thoroughly tested by his two dogs, Kartoffel and Pidgy.

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