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Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: New Year Goals

This week’s Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated to goal setting. Personally, this gal has never been a fan of resolutions. I am, however, a huge proponent of goals. Are you a goal setter and a goal achiever? Here are 12 social media and blogging goals for 2017, which I hope you will borrow and implement as your own.

New Year Goals for bloggers

1. Make a Social Media Plan: You cannot accomplish a social media goal without a plan.

2. Tackle Social Media Week by Week: Don’t overwhelm yourself. Schedule a week at a time.

3. Use Time Blocking: This one nails the whole “but I can’t get it all done in 24 hours” belief. Oh, yes you can, and you can time block.

4. Use Video to Boost Blog Traffic: Our COE, Chloe DiVita, says that speaking is the new writing. Find out why and use those techniques throughout the year, infused into your social media plan, to make it happen. Perhaps you do one Facebook LIVE video a week?

5. Maximize Pinterest to Make Traffic to Your Blog Increase: Pinterest is a best friend for many bloggers, present company included. Knowing a few Pinterest shortcuts helps, as well. Who doesn’t want to save time in their social media processes?

6. Use Social Media Analytics to Drive Traffic: Growing an online influence is a common goal these days: We want more followers and–more importantly–more engagement. Knowing how to find and use social media analytics on the various social media platforms is essential for influencer success.

7. Consider Trello as a Blogging Editorial Calendar: Trello is based on a system of boards, lists, cards, labels, and checklists so that your editorial calendar is sharp, clean, and organized.

8. Increase Blog Traffic Through Collaboration: Taking a well-researched blog post and pairing it with similar content from a blogging buddy is a technique to add to your expanding blogger toolbox. Increase blog traffic through blogger collaboration. Used properly, this technique can soar.

9. Consider Growing a YouTube Account: According to the folks at YouTube, there are over a billion users on the platform, which accounts for almost one-third of all the people on the Internet. Every single day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. Knowing how to grow a YouTube account is something many pet and other bloggers strive to do.

10. Know Which Social Media Networks to Use: Which social media networks should I use and why? This is a question we receive frequently at the BlogPaws offices. As part of your overall blog business plan (and you do have a blog business plan, right?)…having a strategy and tactical plan behind why you do what you do on social media is pivotal.

11. Promote Old Blogs: Evergreen content is similar to running a marathon race. The sprinters are quick and get all the immediate glory. These are your timely blog posts. The evergreen “marathon” style blog posts are the ones that are the long-form athletes of the blogging world.

12. Manage Your Time: Let’s get right to some steps that can help you regain control of your life with these 7 time management tips for bloggers.

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