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April Blogging Prompts

BLOG PROMPTSPost by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Back by popular demand (!) a plethora of blogging prompts to inspire your creativity, motivate your Muse and get your fingers to the keyboard. The ultimate goal being, to get blogging!

Without further ado, here are your April blogging prompts:

  1. Write about your feelings about April Fool’s pranks. Personally, I am not a fan but I know a lot of people who are; perhaps I am just a stick in the mud!
  2. Use your five senses to write about the coming of spring. Allegedly it started on March 21, but it’s snowing here in Western New York as I write this on April 4, so I am a bit skeptical!
  3. Tell your readers about your greatest triumph.
  4. Share with your readers your greatest tragedy and how you overcame it.
  5. Give us a day-in-the-life-look at your blogging life and habits.
  6. Give us a day-in-the-life-look at your life from your pet’s point of view.
  7. Blog about how your pets got their names and if you call them by their names all the time or if you have nicknames (share the nicknames).
  8. April is Pet First Aid Awareness month. Do you know first aid? Should you take a class or two? Share your experiences.
  9. April is Adopt a Greyhound month. Interview the owner of a greyhound about how they came to adopt him or her, what’s great about their pet and any other questions you feel your readers would appreciate.
  10. April 2 was National Ferret Day. Interview a ferret owner and find out about these furry, funny little pets.
  11. April 5 was Easter. Write a blog post about food or treat dangers for pets on holidays. While you may not still have “Easter grass” lying around, this is a topic that is Evergreen as it relates to potential food poisoning hazards for your pet.
  12. April 22 is National Administrative Professionals Day. If you have an admin, “real” or virtual, thank her in a blog post. If you don’t have an admin, take a few minutes away from your business and determine whether your business may benefit by hiring one. Delegating mundane or repetitive tasks to an admin will free you up to do other business tasks. As Amanda Yantos pointed out, April 22 is also Earth Day and pet bloggers can find a way to tie that into their pet parenting duties!
  13. April 24 is National Hairball Awareness day. In my house, where we have four cats, we are aware of hairballs everyday! Blog about hairball remedies. Write a funny post about hairballs… I know there are humor writers out there that could take this topic and run with it!
  14. April 26 is National Pet Parents day. Do you call yourself a “pet parent”? Do any of your friends and family look at you funny when you say that? What does it mean to be a pet parent? Blog about it — the good and the bad.
  15. April 15 is tax filing day. If you’re running your blog like a business you need to make certain your taxes are filed correctly, that you’re accounting for all of your income and expenses and that your bookkeeping is up to snuff.pot belly pig
  16. April 29 is National Guide Dog day. Interview a guide dog trainer. Interview someone who relies on the services of a guide dog.
  17. Do you have “blogger’s block”? Grab a notebook, step away from the computer and write down what you think is stopping you from writing. Is it lack of ideas? Lack of motivation? Are you bored of your chosen niche?
  18. Blog about ways you’re “going green” with your pets and pet products. BlogPaws is undertaking a Green Initiative at the 2015 Conference in Nashville and we’d love to hear from our readers what you’re doing to help the planet!
  19. Find a blogger you admire and ask if you can interview/feature him or her on your blog. Pick their brain for insight into how they do what they do.
  20. Use these words in a blog post: Dog (or cat or ferret, pot belly pig, chicken or guinea pig or whatever pet you have); love; and family.
  21. Go to Pinterest, find a crafty board and make a craft. Whether it’s pet related or household related, make it and then post the pictures on your blog. Make sure you take pictures as you work through the process so your post will be photo laden.
  22. Take one of your blog posts and turn it into audio or video. While you may not have access to a recording studio, if you have a smart phone you can video yourself talking about your blog post (use visuals on a white board to make your points) or you can record yourself reading a blog post. You don’t have to record the entire blog post — make it a three or five minute snippet and then include a link when you put the post on your page so people can go back and read the entire post.
  23. Once April 28 hits, you will be 30 days away from the BlogPaws Conference. Blog about what you hope to learn, who you hope to meet and how it will benefit your business.
  24. If you’re taking a road trip with your pet this summer, blog about how you prepare for it. Have your post become a go-to resource for those traveling with pets.
  25. Blog about something you want to learn. Whether it’s to take better pictures, to crochet a blanket, to learn to speak a different language or to clip your dog’s nails. If you blog about it your readers will hold you accountable AND you will have opened yourself up to a blog post series!
  26. Speaking of blog post series… readers love series, let’s face it, you turn into soap operas — whether daytime or night time — because you want to see “what’s going to happen next.” Take some time and formulate a series idea, announce it on your site then get to writing it.
  27. Blog about how organized you are. If you’re not organized, blog about where your problem issues are. If you are organized, blog about how you got to that point and offer tips to your readers.
  28. Blog about the adorable thing your pet did this past week.
  29. Use these words in a blog post: leash, birds, Spring, sundress. Or: daffodils, kitten, string, scooter.
  30. Look back at a blog post you did in the past that received a lot of comments or social media traffic. Can you update it? I’ll bet you can. Do that. You will not only be saving yourself some time on your blogging tasks, but you will be riding on the wave of a popular post.

See you next month! Oh, please do share if any of these prompts inspired you. We’d love to see your posts!

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