Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! [Infographic]

We love all pets and we love getting the chance to honor and spotlight them on special days like today.

In honor of Black Cat Appreiciation Day our friend @GeorgeTheDuck, or rather his typist, created this great infographic to share today. Plus, leave a comment here (use the email address you want us to use to contact you if you win) by Monday, August 19th at 5:00 PM EDT and automatically be entered to win a t-shirt from Nooters Club! Thanks to The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady for arranging that with Nooters Club.

Black Cat Appreciation Day
To honor Black Cats everywhere, share the infographic on your blog using this code:

<a href="https://www.blogpaws.com/2013/08/happy-black-cat-appreciation-day.html"><img
style="align: center;" alt="Black Cat Appreciation Day"
title="Black Cat Appreciation Day" src="https://blogpaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/blackcatinfographic-blogpaws1.jpg"

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!


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  1. I love black cats cause they’re sexy and stealth. And they have shiny fur. And they’re usually super friendly. And they look *really* good on a white sofa. And cause they’re cats!! MOL

  2. The feral colony I feed was populated for many years of mostly black cats. I adore them and have always foundd black cats to be smart and resourceful.

  3. I lost my beautiful black cat Liz Taylor last month and she was the best pet that has ever owned me. Black are truly the most loving.

  4. Paw-some Infographic!
    Included it in the most recent blog post.
    I did tweet a few similar factoids on Aug 17, using #blackcatappreaciationday

  5. Oh this is awesome.. I’m doing a black cat appreciation month in October with the goal of interviewing 31 black cats. This would be a great graphic to use on the first day. Thank you so much.

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