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Gather ‘Round and Catch Up On All That’s Happened On BlogPaws

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Whew! It has been a hectic August around BlogPaws Central, so hectic, we didn't bring your round up of all the great posts we've shared the past two weeks! Grab your coffee, snuggle your pet on your lap and
988710_10151526069786721_161385901_nsettle in to check out all you might have missed!

  • We are loving our themes (almost as much as we love our fur-iends!) and the theme that has taken over August is Celebrating Senior Pets. We're writing about them, hosting photo contests featuring them, having #BlogPawsChat on Twitter about them. 
  • If you have a senior pet, jump over to the BlogPaws Community and check out our contest and read all that we're writing about this month!

  • As bloggers we are sometimes faced wtih the dilemma of, "wow, that's a hot topic and could generate heat in the comment section of my blog… should I write about it?" We explored that in a post this week. Do you cover controversial pet topics
  • Our Wordless Wednesdays always draw in the most adorable pet pictures. Have you ever joined one of our Pet Blog Hops? It's fun, easy and draws attention to your website! Doi you have a Guard Cat in your house? 
  • Pet parents on the go and pet parents who love a senior pet and who never leave home without their smartphones will love this post about Apps for Pet Parents. What's your favorite app? 
  • Are you a newbie to the pet blogging world? Are you a veteran blogger that sometimes just needs a shot of inspiration to keep you going? My post on Pet Blogging 101: 5 Tips To Get You Started and Keep You Going just might be what you need this week! Paws up… how many of you use an editorial calendar? 
  • Our pets are such a part of our lives that we know we want to do what we can to help them age gracefully and with as high a quality of life as possible. In our Three Tips for Caring for a Senior Pet we explore ways you can help your pet and steps you can take right now to keep him healthy.
  • We think there is nothing better than an infographic to share news and tips and this month our team created a fantastic Senior Pet Infographic and it's yours for the taking to share on your blog or social media sites! 
  • Have you ever asked yourself, "I wonder if Fluffy or Fido really knows what I am talking about or understands what I am saying?" We talked to an expert and were able to Get Inside the Mind of our Pets. I'm never sure if Henrietta, Diva Poodle, can really tell time but she knows when it's 4:55 and that dinner is at 5:00 so the stare down commences! 
  • Did you know that Saturday, August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day? If you own a black cat (or any color cat) you know you appreciate them daily. But our guest blogger Stephanie Newman writes about the superstitions that still surround black cats. Personally I find them mysterious and beautiful. Would you adopt a black cat? 
  • What an action-packed week and you just know we have more excitement coming for the next week as well! We'd love to hear from you, though. What topics would you like to see covered? What burning pet questions would you like to have answered? Drop us a line! 

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